Global WAN

Dynamic capacity.

Across the globe.

Whether you want to connect physical PoPs, connect a virtual PoP back to your core network, or localize traffic flows, Global WAN as a Service simplifies the process.


You have the power to build an enterprise-grade global WAN on-demand.


Leverage Megaport’s backbone to connect 850+ data center locations for disaster recovery, business continuity, and/or migrations.


Maximize the benefits of SD-WAN and NFV with Megaport as the connectivity layer.


Combine best-of-breed virtual appliances in a dual-stack environment and direct traffic flows to specific MVE instances for advanced network and security services.


Route traffic between public clouds at the edge and pass pertinent traffic back to physical locations across the globe.

Join the Network Revolution

How It Works

Make global connections, in a matter of seconds.

Connect physical, virtual, and edge PoPs on demand.

Access services

Connect physical and virtual points of presence around the globe.

Private VXCs

Deploy direct Ethernet connections between any two access points.

Cloud on-ramps and beyond

Create physical entry points to service providers. Connect at any on-ramp globally.

We’ll fit seamlessly into your network architecture.

With just a few clicks, you have the power to build a Global WAN in minutes. Connect physical PoPs and virtual PoPs, and localize your traffic flows.

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Heidelberg Materials case study

Case Study

Heidelberg Materials logo

"We can multiply our bandwidth four times and still have lower cost than before."

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials uses Megaport for global and interregional backbone connectivity.

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