Data Center Interconnection

With Megaport, you can build flexible network connections that link endpoints across cities, countries, and continents. Whether you are after metro evc loops, inter-city backhaul, or global connectivity backbones, you can provision and scale them in seconds from your Megaport account

Flexibility Connectivity

Create Agile Networks

Streamlined Setup

Create connections between data centres, offices, and resources in real time. Forget about complex configurations and long phone calls. Simply point, click, and provision.

Right-Sized Connections

Everyday workloads, bursty data, and major projects need different bandwidth speeds. Make sure they’re right-sized every time – and only pay for what you need. From +100Gbps to as little as 1Mbps

On-Point Reliability

Always achieve low latency and high throughput. Your traffic doesn’t transit the public internet so you get private, scalable, and reliable connections every time.

Join the Network Revolution


Scalable Backbone


Enabled Data Centers


Unique DC Operators

Network Foresight

Future-proof your business

Build a scalable IT backbone to unlock powerful use cases for future-proofing your business.

Backup your data easily and securely with a fully redundant disaster recovery network architecture for moving replicated workloads.

Connect your organization between key metro locations with simple, fast, and direct campus connections.

Peer remotely from hundreds of data centre locations and scale to global markets in an agile and flexible way.

Network Foresight

The Specifics

Let’s get technical

Ready to dive into the details? Browse more information including tech specs, how this solution works, and how you can get started.

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