Virtualise your network

Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) equips anyone with virtual routing capabilities for on-demand private connectivity at Layer 3 from key routing zones around the world.

Without physical infrastructure, you can leverage cloud to cloud networking, private peering between leading public Cloud, IaaS and SaaS providers, and direct connectivity to any provider on the Megaport Software Defined Network. There is no need to own and maintain equipment and no IP address or Autonomous System Numbers to procure. MCR takes the complexity out of getting connected at Layer 3 and opens up new possibilities for virtualised networking.

Virtual Networking

Born in the cloud? Access advanced IP routing capabilities even with virtualised infrastructure.

Managed Layer 3 Connectivity

Connect to any cloud and service providers on the Megaport Ecosystem.

Cloud to Cloud Networking

Establish seamless connectivity between Cloud Service Providers without the need to own and manage physical infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud at Layer 3

Instantly connect your private infrastructure to leading public IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services on the Megaport Ecosystem.

Localised Traffic

Regionalise your routing decisions within a zone for higher network performance.

Real world solutions

Routing Zones

Ashburn Coresite VA1 US East
Ashburn Digital Realty ASH1 US East
Atlanta Digital Realty ATL1 US East
Boston Digital Realty BOS14 US East
New York Digital Realty NYC1 US East
New York Digital Realty NYC3 US East
Miami Digital Realty MIA1 US East

Hillsboro Digital Realty PRT1 US West
Los Angeles Digital Realty LOS1 US West
San Jose Equinix SV1 US West
San Jose Digital Realty SCL2 US West
Seattle Digital Realty SEA1 US West

Chicago Digital Realty CHI1 US Central
Chicago Digital Realty CH2 US Central
Phoenix Digital Realty DAL1 US Central
Dallas Digital Realty DAL1 US Central

Amsterdam Digital Realty AMS17 EU West
Frankfurt Digital Realty FRA11 EU West
London Digital Realty LHR20 EU West
London Global Switch London EU West

Melbourne NextDC M1 AU East
Sydney Equinix SY1/2/4 AU East
Sydney Global Switch AU East

Singapore Equinix SG1 Asia Pacific
Singapore Equinix SG2 Asia Pacific

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