Mega IX – Technical Details

Traffic Forwarding Policy

The following Ethertypes are accepted and forwarded from customer ports
0x0800 IPv4
0x86DD IPv6
0x0806 ARP

MAC Security Policy

To prevent unauthorized traffic from entering the exchange, MegaIX implements Layer2 MAC access-control lists and restricts each member port to a single MAC address. Customers who intend to swap routers or otherwise change their MAC address should coordinate this change via the Portal. If a customer cannot make the change via the portal, they can coordinate via the MegaIX support team.

Private VLAN

PVLAN services are offered to customers. More information can be found here.

Route Servers

Route ServerASNIPv4IPv6Platform
Brisbane Primary58942103.26.70.12001:dea:0:20::1BIRD
Brisbane Secondary58942103.26.70.22001:dea:0:20::2BIRD
Melbourne Primary58943103.26.71.12001:dea:0:30::1BIRD
Melbourne Secondary58943103.26.71.22001:dea:0:30::2BIRD
Sydney Primary58941103.26.68.12001:dea:0:10::1BIRD
Sydney Secondary58941103.26.68.22001:dea:0:10::2BIRD
Perth Primary58941202.12.243.12001:dea:0:50::1BIRD
Perth Secondary58941202.12.243.22001:dea:0:50::2BIRD
Auckland Primary6383943.243.22.12001:dea:0:40::1BIRD
Auckland Secondary6383943.243.22.22001:dea:0:40::2BIRD
Singapore Primary63832103.41.12.12001:ded::1BIRD
Singapore Secondary63832103.41.12.22001:ded::2BIRD

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