IBM Cloud

Dedicated Connectivity to IBM Cloud

Dedicated Connectivity to IBM Cloud

Megaport makes it easy to provision fast, secure, and private connections between your data centre and IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Direct Link, IBM’s private interconnection service, enables enterprises to directly access IBM’s leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities. We provide dedicated connectivity to IBM Cloud Direct Link, via our global Software Defined Network (SDN) from 386+ locations worldwide, in just a few clicks.

Through private connectivity that bypasses the public internet, enterprises benefit from:

  • Higher network performance, consistency, and predictability
  • Streamlined and accelerated workloads and data migration
  • Improved data and operational security

Megaport and IBM provide a powerful solution for enterprises to expand their reach, drive innovation, and build an intuitive hybrid cloud strategy.


Learn how IBM and Megaport are partnering to extend secure and flexible access to IBM Cloud services

How it works


IBM Cloud Direct Link consists of a physical network connection at a number of IBM Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world. These PoPs reside within facilities operated by co-located data centres where Megaport is enabled.

Physical fibre connections (NNIs) at each location between Megaport and IBM are established on IBM Cloud Direct Link routers. These physical connections are maintained between IBM and Megaport.

You can purchase 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ports onto the Megaport Network. Through the, VXCs can be ordered in increments of 1Mbps speeds and scale in increments 1Mbps to IBM.


Connect to IBM Cloud through Megaport across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Connect from 386+ Megaported locations to the following supported IBM Cloud Direct Link locations:

Equinix DC2 Ashburn
Digital Realty DA1 Dallas
Equinix SV1 San Jose
Cologix TOR1 Toronto
NextDC M1 Melbourne
Equinix SY1,2,4 Sydney
Equinix SY3 Sydney
Interxion FRA8 Frankfurt
Equinix LD5 London

IBM Cloud Infopaper

IBM Cloud Infopaper

Why Megaport and IBM Cloud?

Pay as you go

Pay As You Go

No lock-in contracts and Pay As You Go billing minimises your financial commitment

Scalable Bandwidth to Direct Connect

Scalable Bandwidth

Select a 1Gbps with IBM and then increase or decrease your bandwidth between 1Mbps and 1Gbps, in increments of 1Mbps, at any time with Megaport.

Connect to Direct Connect in 59 seconds

Real Time Provisioning

Once you’re on the Megaport SDN, you can provision connections in 59 seconds.

Maintain Connectivity to AWS

Continuous Connectivity

Maintain connectivity while scaling bandwidth to IBM. This means no downtime when you need to increase or decrease your speed.

Multi Regional Cloud Connections

Multiple Cloud Regions

Connect to multiple regions from a single interconnection point. This means you can leverage multi-region redundancy at a fraction of the cost.

Private Connections with Redundancy

Private Connectivity

Access secure, private connectivity throughout our redundant network infrastructure. Your traffic will not transit the public internet.

Our services have no lock-in contracts and no minimum bandwidth requirements so you can get started with minimal financial risk and scale up later as your needs dictate. Click on the link to the right to download our infopaper and find out more.

Take a minute, see how we do it


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Don’t just take our word for it…

Download our IBM Cloud Infopaper

IBM Cloud Infopaper

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