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 The Easiest Way to Connect to AWS via Direct Connect

Megaport SDN Connect to AWS


Megaport makes it convenient and cost-effective to connect to the cloud. With Megaport, you can easily connect to an AWS Direct Connect Interconnection node from any of our 170+ global locations. We even absorb the cost of the Direct Connect Port fee.

You can scale your bandwidth up and down to suit your organisational needs (just like you already do for your AWS resources). Plus, with no lock-in contracts, you can cancel your service at any time – so, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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AWS Technology Partner

Global AWS Partner

Megaport is a leading AWS Direct Connect Partner globally.

Scalable Bandwidth to Direct Connect

Scalable Bandwidth

With Megaport you can increase or decrease your bandwidth at any time. Need 10Gbps for a day to do a data migration? Not a problem.

Connect to Direct Connect in 59 seconds

Real Time Provisioning

Once you’re on the Megaport fabric, you can provision connections in 59 seconds.

Maintain Connectivity to AWS

Continuous Connectivity

Unlike other providers, Megaport is able to maintain connectivity while scaling bandwidth to AWS. This means no downtime when you need to increase or decrease your speed.

Multi Regional Cloud Connections

Multiple Cloud Regions

Megaport can connect to multiple AWS Regions, all over the globe, from a single interconnection point. So you can leverage multi-region redundancy at a fraction of the usual cost.

Private Connections with Redundancy

Private Connectivity

Megaport delivers private, secure connectivity throughout our redundant network infrastructre. Your traffic will not transit the public internet.

Connect to 10 AWS regions

Privately connect from any of our 170+ global locations to 22 Direct Connection locations, in 10 AWS availability zones.

  • AP-SouthEast-1
  • AP-SouthEast-2
  • CA-Central-1
  • EU-East-1
  • EU-Central-1
  • EU-West-1
  • EU-West-2
  • US-East-1
  • US-East-2
  • US-Gov-West-1

See how to connect to AWS via Megaport:


Find out how to save on your connectivity costs to AWS with our Direct Connect Infopaper:

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