Megaport is the global leader in elastic interconnection.

We built the world’s first SDN-based elastic interconnection fabric. Megaport takes you from any Megaported location, to any service, on your terms. Here’s how we are redefining the market:

Megaport Network Diagram

We’ve taken network innovation to the next level by:

  • Building a next generation hyper-scalable ethernet fabric connecting major internet points of concentration
  • Overlay a Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture over the fabric to allow automated network configuration through software
  • Full access for customers and partners to directly provision and manage services via web, app or Open API
  • Redefining the interconnection product space through product and service innovation
  • Building value through our ecosystem of service providers, partners and enterprises

Rapid Provisioning


Buy as much or as little as you want, for as long or as short as you need

  • Choose any speed
  • Order by the month, day or hour with no on-going contracts
  • Do it all on your computer, iPhone and Android APP or via the Megaport API

Rapid Provisioning

Service provisioning in seconds, not weeks.



Manage your services anywhere, anytime, on all major platforms – including your own via the Megaport API.



Connect from any Megaport™ enabled location to over 250 service providers, clouds and enterprises.



Secure connections to multiple cloud providers over the one ubiquitous fabric.



100% neutral, independent and trusted; the Switzerland of networks.

Global Ecosystem

Global coverage

Extensive coverage in APAC, North America, and Europe.


Open API

100% API driven, so our powerful tools are your powerful tools

A core concept and philosophy of Megaport’s software architecture is that of the “API” or Application Program Interface. We offer a public API that can be used to get access to 100% of the services available through our web portal.

Don’t just take our word for it…

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