Case Study: Zettagrid

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Providing infrastructure services and delivering easy-to-use, scalable backup and disaster recovery solutions.


Perth, Australia


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  • Zettagrid have been using Megaport’s connectivity solutions since Megaport’s inception.
  • With Megaport, the Company has been able to create a partner ecosystem allowing their customers to access fast, reliable, and scalable backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Before Megaport, Zettagrid were reliant on physical cross connects, cables, and expensive physical infrastructure, forcing the Company to spend significantly more with data centres directly.
  • With 55 racks across 13 DCs, the Company’s costs for cross connects alone were enough to “buy an expensive European sports car”.

About Zettagrid

Zettagrid is an Australian-owned infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery service provider, offering businesses fully automated and self-service VMware, Veeam and Zerto solutions via channel partners.

The Company operates 13 data centres across eight availability zones within the Asia Pacific region: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Singapore, and two in Jakarta.


Rapid deployment of reliable and scalable infrastructure services is key to the backup and data recovery offerings at Zettagrid. In order to deliver the level of service their customers required, the Company was heavily reliant on physical cross connects and infrastructure. This lead to a number of challenges:

  • Costly data centre cross connect fees
  • Interconnection inconsistencies
  • Slow deployment of customer connections


Megaport’s scalable bandwidth allows Zettagrid to accommodate fluctuations in use. The nature of backup and data recovery services means that it is common for the Company to experience large spikes in data usage – being able to dial their connections up and down depending on capacity demands has helped Zettagrid support their customers’ variable bandwidth usage needs.

The Company has used their partnership with Megaport to not only drastically reduce their data centre cross connect fees and bandwidth charges, but are now able to deliver new customer connections within hours, rather than weeks.


Zettagrid has been using Megaport since the beginning. Megaport disrupted the market and helped us identify the need to address our IX and connectivity differently. With Megaport, we are now able to rapidly deliver new customer connections within hours rather than weeks, while saving almost $10K per month on cross connection and bandwidth charges.

Nicholas Power, Chief Operating Officer, Zettagrid

  • Zettagrid is saving $5K per month in cross connect fees by using Megaport.
  • The Company also saves another $4.5K per month in bandwidth charges by using Megaport’s flexible, on-demand capabilities, scaling bandwidth up and down as required.
  • During FY19, an estimated $35K in monthly revenue was able to be brought forward, which would otherwise have been delayed with traditionally slower provisioning.
  • For example: in the weeks following Singapore going live, Zettagrid was able to provision ports in two availability zones, plug in immediately, and have everything up and running in moments.
  • This meant that customer revenue was able to be seen almost immediately following the initial expansion expenditures.
  • With Megaport, Zettagrid has recently been able to open three new availability zones – Brisbane, Adelaide and Singapore – with four more on the way.
  • In Singapore specifically, where cross connects are notoriously expensive, using Megaport will deliver Zettagrid $1500 in monthly savings on cross connect fees alone.

Future Plans

Following the opening of three new availability zones in October and November 2019 – Singapore, Brisbane, and Adelaide – Zettagrid has plans to open another four zones in the coming year, each using the same Megaport technology the Company has used in all other locations.