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Voxbone is a global communication as a service company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandwidth, Inc.

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  • Created a partner ecosystem with Megaport to enable enterprise customers with a fast, reliable, and flexible network to transport voice SIP traffic.
  • Extended the reach of their network globally to bring high-performance voice and messaging services to the doorstep of the enterprise.
  • Enabled customers to easily and efficiently connect to Voxbone services from over 500 interconnection points and all major cloud providers.
  • Reduced provisioning time by 90% with Megaport compared to traditional connectivity options.

About Voxbone

Voxbone increases the efficiency of businesses’ communications with agile and reliable voice and messaging services. The Company provides full-stack voice capabilities that match the functionality of legacy telecoms – with added cloud benefits around scale, flexibility, compliance, and cost saving. Super-powering 100% of the leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants (2018) for Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) in North America and Western Europe, their customers include Uber, Zoom, Dialpad, 8×8, and Aircall.

Voxbone was acquired by Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) in November 2020.


Seamless communication is key to business productivity. Voice and messaging services form the foundation of most enterprise’s communication toolkit and are critical in reaching customers and empowering collaboration and efficiency within teams across metro regions and globally. That’s why businesses typically use Voxbone’s elastic voice and messaging services to scale their contact center (CX), corporate telephony, UC, and collaboration solutions to new markets with the ability to integrate application-agnostic services into any VoIP-enabled app or platform including UCaaS and CPaaS solutions.

While Voxbone have various options for connecting into this suite of services, including cross connect and VPN, the team wanted to enable their customers with a truly flexible, reliable, and fast networking choice for transporting voice SIP traffic. Their existing connectivity options created complexities with reaching customers in under-served regions, and extending these business-critical services globally. Voxbone had recognised a gap in their connectivity offering; the team was facing the following challenges:

  • Insecure and unreliable connectivity – Transporting mission-critical voice SIP traffic requires a network to support this. If a connection was compromised or went down, an enterprise business could face massive implications. For example, one of Voxbone’s customers is a global leading Fintech solutions company that relies on Voxbone to maintain a PCI-compliant network for transporting sensitive data securely – so, an insecure and unreliable connection is simply not an option for them.
  • Limited global reach – Extending services to a global network of businesses would require Voxbone to physically build out more Points of Presence (PoPs) which is costly and timely. The Company wanted to easily scale and bring their ecosystem closer to their customers, giving them the ability to reach the services they needed from more locations.
  • Long provisioning times – As speed to market equates to business value, Voxbone wanted to ensure their customers were connecting to services as quickly as possible. With traditional connectivity options, it can take weeks or months to establish a network to Voxbone’s platform. Long lead times were becoming a problem. With Megaport, Voxbone have seen reductions in provisioning time of 90%.
  • Lock-in contracts and fixed-rate connections – Connecting into Voxbone’s services via traditional options can mean signing up to long-term contracts with data centres. This solution isn’t optimised for the modern-day business where flexibility and agility are key to gaining a competitive advantage. Being locked into a networking service isn’t conducive to scalability.
  • Born-in-the cloud complexities – Being born in the cloud can come with additional difficulties when it comes to connecting to the services that power your business when they reside outside of the cloud or on a different cloud platform to your native provider. Voxbone wanted to give their cloud-native customers the ability to easily and efficiently connect to their services from any major cloud platform.


Voxbone created a partner ecosystem with Megaport to simplify the customer journey and empower enterprise businesses with flexible, scalable, and dedicated connectivity to their high-performance voice and messaging services.

  • Global reaching network: Voxbone configured Ports in key metros to extend the reach of their network to over 500 locations and bring their services closer to the doorstep of the enterprise. This means that more customers in major business hubs can now consume Voxbone services and any existing Megaport customers can connect to Voxbone easily and efficiently. These PoPs include:
    • Frankfurt FR5
    • New York NYC1
    • Sydney SY3
    • Hong Kong Mega-iAdvantage
    • Los Angeles CoreSite LA1
  • Improved latency: With voice SIP traffic being particularly susceptible to poor and varying latency, Voxbone’s solution – implementing Megaport’s private network – now ensures predictable values in terms of latency so there is no compromise on quality for customers.
  • API integration: Voxbone focuses heavily on service automation for their customers with the aim to make using their voice and messaging product as seamless as possible. The Company leads with an ‘API-first’ deployment strategy. For this reason, the team fully integrated with Megaport’s API for connectivity service creation and acceptance.
  • Privacy, security, and compliance: The risk of security breaches and networking issues are minimised with Megaport’s private connectivity option. Voxbone customers with sensitive data, heavy workloads, and the need for enhanced performance from their connections can ensure they are transporting their voice SIP traffic across a secure and reliable network.
  • On-demand, right-sized, and ready now: Enterprise businesses using Voxbone services now have the flexibility and scalability they need to put their business on the front foot in an ever-changing market landscape. Provisioning connections is fast and easy, and can be done in a few clicks. Customers can dial their connectivity up and down to suit their business needs and save on costs by only using the bandwidth they need and avoiding over or under provisioning. With Megaport and Voxbone, there are no long lead times or set-up difficulties. 
  • Cloud to cloud networking: Joining forces with Megaport enabled Voxbone to make it possible for customers to connect from a Cloud Service Provider directly to Voxbone with Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), a virtual router that enables cloud to cloud networking. This means that, even without physical infrastructure, born-in-the-cloud organisations can now easily access Voxbone’s services and transport their traffic between the clouds.
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“Megaport brings Voxbone’s customers a simple, effective way to interface with our network from more locations, including all major public cloud environments.” – Voxbone VP Product, Matt Brown

Future Plans

As Voxbone expands its reach across the world’s telephony, it’s constantly looking to provide localised service to each market that it enters. Expanding its global core network is essential to its plans for maximising the quality of every call.

This is where Megaport’s global network expansion complements Voxbone’s goal to expand its local footprint in every market, allowing end-users the ability to interconnect directly to every Voxbone location.

Voxbone is likely to keep seeing an increase in use cases where born-in-the-cloud customers are consuming their services from the cloud. Megaport will continue to enable these businesses to reach Voxbone services with MCR.