Building the foundation for a modernised, connected, cloud-based organisation in Europe’s energy industry.

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Engie electric utility company which operates in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy and petroleum.

Cologne, Germany


  • Upgraded and modernised IT infrastructure to adopt new technology, improve information flow, and facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Transformed their business core to integrate a service-driven backbone and cloud-based network for more cost-effective, secure, and efficient operations.
  • Created a flexible, scalable multicloud and cloud to cloud network architecture with KAEMI and Megaport as their digital transformation enablers. Provisioned direct connectivity for intuitive data flow to and between AWS and Microsoft Azure with Megaport’s Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) and Megaport Cloud Router.

About Engie Deutschland

The ENGIE Group is a leading energy provider on fast-growing markets that is helping to significantly change the energy market in Europe. Today, nearly 100,000 employees are involved in the areas of energy services and energy efficiency. 

The ENGIE Group offers private customers, communities, and companies efficient and innovative solutions. ENGIE’s product range includes all those services required for a sustainable energy future: from economical energy generation and technologies for planning, constructing, and operating technical energy and building systems, to energy purchase and optimisation of consumption. The Company’s customers include actors in industry and commerce, as well as communities and private households.

The German subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, ENGIE Deutschland uses their know-how, their technical infrastructures, and their individual services, to help customers make their buildings, facilities, and core processes more efficient. This means: increased availability and greater quality whilst maintaining reliable operational readiness and improved flexibility – and without sacrificing the valuable cost advantages they offer compared to competitors.


KAEMI is a leading managed service provider in Germany. The Company virtualises IT infrastructure and networks and integrates operated technologies and cloud services transparently for its customers.

To do this, they bundle all relevant IT services into one package: from security to installation, maintenance, and care of running IT systems up to network installations, extensions, SD-WAN provisioning, or VoIP telephony – depending on what the company needs.

KAEMI is ENGIE Deutschland’s trusted go-to IT partner, providing a variety of managed IT services to support the Company’s digital transformation ambition.


With 180,000 employees worldwide and massive scale physical facilities to manage (cooling stations, hydro power stations, etc.), the ENGIE Group was in need of upgrading and modernising its IT infrastructure to adopt new technology, improve information flow, and facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange. For ENGIE Deutschland, this meant implementing a complete digital transformation strategy.

Challenges – Key Points

  • ENGIE Deutschland’s business applications were predominantly running on servers housed on premises which used up the majority of the Company’s network capacity, and stifled network flexibility and opportunities to scale.
  • As business requirements expanded and became more diversified, the ENGIE Deutschland team identified the need for their applications to move off premises and into cloud-based environments so they could extend their network and storage capacity easily and stay focused on business development.
  • The Company wanted to move their applications into the cloud, and disperse workloads between cloud providers and regions, in order to minimise security risks and reduce the complexities of owning, operating, and managing infrastructure, as well as gain greater network availability and capacity.
  • With backup workloads running consistently, the team required a more cost-effective network and storage solution in order to minimise business impact for day-to-day data migration.
  • GDPR and related data compliance laws require that data needs to be controlled and intelligently flow between endpoints in a secure yet flexible manner. The Company wanted to ensure that they had a network architecture that could better support this.
  • New infrastructure needed to ensure that ENGIE Deutschland are compliant with KRITIS (Germany’s national strategy for critical infrastructure protection).
  • At times, ENGIE Deutschland required only temporary availability for testing and development but this required commitment to long-term contracts with set networking speeds. The team needed a more flexible and scalable solution whereby they could provision capacity only when needed.


ENGIE Deutschland, together with KAEMI and Megaport, undertook a digital transformation process by modernising their IT setup to meet the needs of their organisation today and scaling their network architecture for the future.

Solution – Key Points

  • As part of the digital transformation process, ENGIE Deutschland deployed a flexible multicloud solution leveraging Megaport’s Network as a Service platform, in their Frankfurt data centre.
  • This solution consisted of using Megaport Cloud Router for direct cloud to cloud connectivity between AWS for automated scheduled backup workloads and storage and Microsoft Azure (without additional physical infrastructure).
  • The Company conducted a complete overhaul of their backend architecture switching from a backbone network built on Cisco hardware to a cloud-based network using SD-WAN and Cisco Meraki.
  • ENGIE Deutschland’s Frankfurt data centre was transformed into a complete network and connectivity hub for their businesses with applications, workloads, and data flowing between multicloud environments and back to one site.
  • The Company could now move data workloads easily to and between AWS and Azure environments – and were able to access any other cloud providers on the Megaport Network. In addition, their middleware between SAP and other systems no longer ran in their data centre but in their Azure environment instead which meant that the critical aspects of their network were now outsourced and provided as a Service.
ENGIE Deutschland deployed a flexible multicloud solution leveraging Megaport’s Network as a Service platform, in their Frankfurt data centre


By transforming their on-premises network architecture into a fully connected cloud-based system, ENGIE Deutschland moved the backend of their business into the digital age.

“We’re modernizing our entire IT infrastructure to support the business with more digital solutions. Building the key network foundation for reaching the ‘everything cloud-based’ goal while also creating the ability to move data efficiently and as needed is a great milestone we’ve achieved with KAEMI and Megaport.”

— Roland Zain, CIO, ENGIE Deutschland GmbH

Benefits – Key Points

  • Moving applications to AWS and Azure in a multicloud solution and consolidating their cloud strategy meant that the Company no longer had to manage many servers running unique applications. This removed the need to deal with issues on single servers with high dependencies and improved information flow within the business.
  • Through a single platform, ENGIE Deutschland could easily, quickly, and cost-efficiently move legacy applications from on-premises infrastructure and run them in the cloud with direct connectivity back to their core network.
  • In terms of cost-efficiency, using Megaport’s ‘as a service’ consumption model means that ENGIE Deutschland can connect their core network to the cloud, and move data between their environments, while dialing up capacity when it’s needed and then dialing it back down again to minimum speed.
  • This solution means they are able to right-size their network and pay only for what they need which enables them to run monthly backups at minimum speed and then scale their bandwidth to support data-heavy activities.
  • ENGIE Deutschland gained a more secure and reliable network by connecting their environments via Megaport’s private Software Defined Network where data travels through their own dedicated route rather than via the shared public internet which is typically insecure and unreliable.
  • The flexibility and versatility that the Company now has with their network means that their business has also gained a higher level of flexibility and versatility which encourages innovation within the organisation. The Company now has more freedom, ability, and ease to consume additional cloud resources from the world’s leading cloud providers without being locked into contracts.
  • Testing is now easy and cost-efficient. With the flexibility of running workloads on the Megaport Network, ENGIE Deutschland can spin up a test environment whenever they need to and then shut it down once their development is complete.

Future Plans

ENGIE Deutschland will continue to focus on two areas for future-proofing their business: internal performance and optimisation and bringing in digital solutions and platforms for running and supporting everyday business and products with digital components. The team will continue to collaborate with Megaport and KAEMI to realise further digital transformation initiatives which will be founded upon a service-driven IT backbone.