Virtual Cross Connect (VXC)

Say goodbye to hardware and spin up private, flexible, and on-demand connections with Megaport’s Layer 2 Ethernet circuits.


The shortcut you’ll want to take.

VXCs are Layer 2 Ethernet connections provisioned in 60 seconds to any of the endpoints on the Megaport network.

VXCs are presented as 802.1q VLANs​
Q-in-Q (802.1ad) is supported​


9100 bytes for VXCs deployed off of Ports

MCR and MVE support the standard MTU of 1500 bytes

IX and certain CSPs do not support jumbo frames, but all support the standard MTU of 1500 bytes

Pricing is based on bandwidth subscribed to, the distance between endpoints, and certain provider fees. There are no data transfer charges on VXCs.​

The Specifics

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