Megaport Internet

Get a dedicated internet solution with all the benefits of Megaport’s scalable network fabric in just 60 seconds.

Internet. Simplified.

Dedicated internet in 60 Seconds.

Megaport Internet is your key to agile internet access and management.


Highly scalable and resilient internet connection used as primary or secondary access.​


Leverage for seasonal needs or specific time-bound projects​.​


On-demand, out-of-band management access to your network.

How It Works

Internet Network Architecture

Internet Network Architecture

Get To Know Megaport Internet

Simple, scalable, and (really) fast.

Instant Provisioning

Activate in 60 seconds

Activate a new internet connection in just one minute.


From 20Mbps to 10Gbps in increments of 1Mbps

Save money by adjusting the bandwidth to just what you need.

Flexible Terms

Month-to-month contracts available

Avoid service lock-in with our pay-as-you-go options.


Two diversity zones offered for internet routers

Minimize network disruptions by deploying resilient designs.

Public Static IP Address

Single usable IPv4 or /64 public IPv6 subnet

Define policies and routes knowing the IP Address will stay the same.

The Specifics

Let’s get technical

Ready to dive into the details? Browse more information including tech specs, how this solution works, and how you can get started.

See the Technical Documentation

See the API Documentation