Megaport-in-a-Box is Megaport’s Data Centre enablement program.

The online program creates the ability for Data Centre Operators to include Megaport as part of their Data Centre offering, cloud connectivity strategy, and internal cross connect solution.

  • Megaport-in-a-Box creates opportunities for Data Centre Providers to include Megaport as part of their Ecosystem, and brings our global Ecosystem to you;
  • Megaport can act as the internal cross connect solution for your facility, connecting customers via our SDN platform in minutes;
  • Megaport can help create a specific go-to-market strategy for Cloud with your team to create demand and enable cloud adoption from your facility.

What does this include:

  • If you meet the simple criteria, Megaport will ship a box to you within 60 days;
  • Megaport will bring our Global Ecosystem to your Data Centre;
  • Megaport will market your Data Centre as part of their global footprint.
  • By completing our application form, and subject to Megaport approval based on the data provided and meeting our site qualification requirements, we can deploy and be ready for service within our standard lead time.
Complete Application Form

Data Centres are prioritized on the following key criteria:

  • Demand for Megaport within the facility or facilities
  • Subsidized space, power, and connectivity
  • Facilities located in countries where Megaport is currently operating

Once the Data Centre is approved we will create facility specific go-to-market strategies and joint marketing as part of the deployment.

For more information about the Megaport-in-a-Box program, contact