In June 2016, Megaport acquired OM-NIX.

OM-NIX’s vast eastern European footprint, network flexibility, operator-neutrality, and service levels are a perfect match for Megaport’s European expansion.

While the below services will continue to operate and be serviced under the OM-NIX brand, remote peering and private interconnection are being serviced by Megaport.

OM-NIX is an IT solutions company with a global presence, virtualising the core of the Internet to facilitate data transfer between network operators and deliver world-class peering solutions to content providers, carriers, enterprise organisations, institutions and others.


Keep local traffic local, save resources, and increase capabilities by linking to our Metro IXPs regional POPs. Local Peering provides direct access to network operators within your country. There is no faster path than through a direct peering interconnection.

OM-NIX enables content providers, enterprises and network operators to join the peering market hassle free. When you peer By peering locally, you keep traffic is kept in your area proximity and improve performance is being improved, with by lower latency and maximum bandwidth utilization. Affordable, fast and easy, the value of IXPs increases continuously, as more and more organisations peer join the peering communities. Transit providers often cover large areas and connect to other networks at multiple locations. With Local Peering, you gain super-fast, direct connection to any operator network in your city region.


  • Basic level costs for local traffic exchange
  • The need for transport costs and resource allocation is eliminated

International Peering Wherever you are

OM-NIX’s remote peering services facilitates network expansion for our customers by connecting them to one or more international Internet Exchanges through our own state-of-the-art network; at optimised costs, without extra infrastructure required and without legal and technical overhead within the shortest time frame.


  • Access the world’s largest IXPs via a single port
  • FE, GE and 10GE ports
  • Fractional ports available at the IXPs
  • Flexible and scalable CDR speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Option to split CDR across multiple locations
  • Bundled service for transport, IXP connectivity and IXP membership
  • Delivered over redundant Point-to-Point and Point-to- Multipoint network topology
  • No need for colocation or hardware infrastructure at IXPs
  • No remote hands for deployment required
  • Lower operational costs – pay only for the CDR you need
  • Reduction in upstream costs
  • Traffic optimization and low latency
  • ASN presented transparently at IXPs just as if physically present
  • Seamless connection from your port to the IXP peering LAN
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical matters
  • 24/7 NOC for permanent monitoring and support
  • Removes complexity from customers’ networks and releases resources to pursue their own core business

Interconnect is Easy and Low Cost

A Private Interconnect (PI) enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated VLAN on the OM-NIX infrastructure. The Private Interconnect VLAN can be implemented either on a dedicated port or on an existing port with (802.1) Q-tagging.


  • OM-NIX will assign a private VLAN, in the form of a VPLS instance.
  • OM-NIX will configure a port in the PI VLAN and assign it to the Initiator.
  • OM-NIX will configure a port in the PI VLAN and assign it to the Participant.

Technical service

  • OM-NIX does not assign IP addresses in the PI LANs. This is up to the participating parties.
  • Customers may connect to a PI using a dedicated port, or using an existing port with a chosen 802.1Q tag.
  • Both parties have access to the OM-NIX NOC in case of problems

Most widely used exchange service

The Internet Peering VLAN or ISP Unicast VLAN is the most widely used exchange service. It is the common service on which the traditional Internet Exchange is based and where public peering is done. The service offers access to the multitude of networks connected to the OM-NIX platform with only one connection – making it very cost-efficient. Public peering is done by ISPs, carriers, content providers and the like to decrease network costs, improve performance and increase redundancy.

The Internet Peering VLAN is an Ethernet based Unicast service, enabled to support both IPv4 and IPv6 natively. The service offers interface speeds of 1 Gigabit per second Ethernet (GE), 10 or 100 Gigabit per second Ethernet (10GE, 100GE) or multitudes of these speeds in aggregated set-up. The peering VLAN is monitored 24×7 by our NOC. All customers can view their overall live traffic and specific peering traffic (sFlow) on their dedicated my.ams-ix portal.


  • Protected and unprotected
  • FE, GE and 10GE ports
  • Flexible and scalable CDR speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Ethernet and DWDM wavelengths
  • Option to split CDR across multiple locations
  • Low latency, private and secure connections
  • Access to all major Internet Exchange Points
  • Services available via a single cross connect
  • Burstable solutions
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical
  • 24/7 NOC for permanent monitoring and support

Connected Networks

# Company Name Web Site Primary ASN IRR Record Peering Contact Approx Prefixes Peering Policy Looking Glass URL
1 OMNIX Group 59899 OMNIX-AS 10 Open
2 Sofia Connect EOOD 47872 SOFIA-CONNECT-AS 500 Open
3 Global Communication Net Plc 12615 GCN-AS 500 Open
4 Bulgartel EAD 44814 BTEL-BG-AS 100 Open N/A
5 3T Com EOOD 51555 IXP-3T 50 Open N/A
6 Icon Communications CJSC 8932 UCOMINT 500 Open N/A
7 IQ Networks 44217 IQNETWORKS 100 Open
8 Google Inc. 15169 GOOGLE 500 Open N/A
9 Megabyte Internet Ltd. 59742 MEGABYTE-AS 500 Open N/A
10 IPACCT Ltd. 31287 AS-IPACCT (RIPE) 300 Open N/A
11 Serbian Open Exchange DOO 13004 SOX 50 Open N/A
12 Networx-Bulgaria Ltd. 34569 Networx-BG 100 Open N/A
13 UltraNET Ltd. 39184 UltraNET-AS 200 Open
14 SKAT TV Ltd. 34577 SKATTV-AS 50 Open N/A
15 Bulsatcom AD 43205 BULSATCOM-BG-AS 150 Open N/A
16 Company for interactive technologies ITV DOOEL 48057 ITVNET-AS 50 Open N/A
17 Daticum JSC 47748 Daticum 20 Open N/A
18 Telecom Group Ltd. 34376 Telecom-Group-AS 50 Open N/A
19 Netguard Ltd. 39251 NETGUARD 50 Open N/A
20 Delta Softmedia Ltd. 197216 DELTA-BG-AS 20 Open N/A
22 MITKOCOM EOOD 199230 MITKO 100 Open N/A
23 ITV NET Ltd.,MK 48057 ITVNET-AS 50 Open N/A
24 OPTICCOM-BULGARIA Ltd. 42555 Optic-Com-EU 50 Open N/A
25 Interoute Communications Limited 8928 INTEROUTE 7000 Open
26 Cifrova Kabelna Korporacia EOOD 51582 DCC-BG 20 Open N/A
27 Sirius Software Ltd. 204150 SIRIUS-SOFTWARE-AS 20 Open N/A
28 Hurricane Electric, Inc. 6939 HURRICANE 86000 Open
29 Goran Net ISP LTD. 51018 Gorannet-AS 100 Open N/A
30 Ultracom Ltd. 42794 ULTRACOM-AS 50 Open N/A
31 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 22334 FERGUSON 20 Open N/A
32 CloudFlare, Inc. 13335 CLOUDFLARENET 500 Open N/A
33 Net1 Ltd. 43561 AS-NET1OUT 300 Open N/A
34 Euroexpress Ltd. 59466 EUROXP 20 Open N/A
36 Cores Networks Ltd. 35654 CoresNET 200 Open N/A
37 Akamai Technologies 20940 AS-AKAMAI 50 Open N/A
38 Caucasus Online 20771 AS-DELTA 1000 Selective N/A
39 Telenor Bulgaria EAD 29244 AS-TelenorBG 10 Selective N/A
40 Neotel DOO 34772 AS-NEOTEL-SET 1000 Selective
41 4ALB shpk 52073 AS-FBD-SET 30 Selective N/A

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