In June 2016, Megaport acquired Bulgarian peering and network operator OM-NIX.

OM-NIX’s vast eastern European footprint, their approach to network flexibility, operator-neutrality, and level of service made for the ideal manoeuvre for Megaport’s European expansion.

While the below services will continue to operate and be serviced under the OM-NIX brand, remote peering and private interconnection are being serviced by Megaport.

  • Local Peering
    • Keep local traffic local, save resources, and increase capabilities by linking to our Metro IXPs regional POPs. Local Peering provides direct access to network operators within your country. There is no faster path than through a direct peering interconnection.
  • Remote Peering
    • OM-NIX is an emerging leader innovator in international IP connectivity services offering remote peering services at multiple locations across CEE, granting operators instant, seamless access to the most popular important Internet Exchanges in Europe and CIS.
  • Private Interconnects
    • A Private Interconnect (PI) enables direct traffic exchange between two networks over a dedicated VLAN on the OM-NIX infrastructure. The Private Interconnect VLAN can be implemented either on a dedicated port or on an existing port with (802.1) Q-tagging.
  • Internet Peering
    • The Internet Peering VLAN is an Ethernet-based Unicast service, enabled to support both IPv4 and IPv6 natively. The service offers interface speeds of 1 Gigabit per second Ethernet (GE), 10 or 100 Gigabit per second Ethernet (10GE, 100GE) or multitudes of these speeds in aggregated set-up.

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