NTT Communications

NTT Communications

NTT Communications is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, with the largest-scale data centre and network coverage in the APAC region which bolsters the speed of its customers’ business expansions.


Megaport has partnered with NTT Communications (NTT Com) in multiple markets to enable NTT Com customers to establish direct, secure, and private connections to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Customers can connect to the top seven CSPs: Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Salesforce via a single Port that supports multiple virtual private connections. Through this regional partnership, enterprise customers in enabled markets can now rapidly and flexibly connect to their choice of cloud without the need for local connectivity, thus simplifying the building of highly scalable hybrid and multicloud models.

Key Service Features and Benefits:

  • Access multiple Cloud Service Providers through a single Port
  • Secure private cloud connection, bypassing the public internet
  • Connect to many cloud regions directly from NTT Com’s Nexcenter in Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand
  • Dedicated private line where data access is fast, low latency, scalable, and reliable
  • Fast and highly available cloud access with redundant and diverse connectivity options
  • Multicloud interconnectivity powered by Megaport, leading global SDN-enabled elastic interconnection services
  • Purpose-built Nexcenter with  ultra-low latency access to/from major cities in Asia

The Best ICT Hub in Asia

Physically located in a light industrial area of North Eastern part of Singapore and directly connected to the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) for ultra-low latency connection with major cities in Asia, Singapore Serangoon Data Centre is an ideal choice for Financial Service Industry and Japanese multinational corporations demanding seamless support for continuous growth in Asia.

From backup to disaster recovery to storage, enterprises inside NTT Singapore Serangoon Data Centre can rapidly access their desired services, providers, and availability zones via a single private connection through NTT NexConnect Cloud Service.

Phone: +65 6438 3101

World Class Purpose-Built Data Center

Jakarta 2 Data Centre is the only Uptime Tier III design certified purpose-built data center in the central area of Jakarta. Like every other NTT Nexcenter, Jakarta 2 Data Centre meets globally consistent Data Centre Standards consisting of more than 300 items, including international certifications and operational guidelines such as ISO and ITIL.

The key benefits for organisations to connect to cloud through Cloud Connect Service is enabling on-demand multicloud connectivity, ease of use, rapid deployment, cost efficiency, and most importantly, flexibility. Enterprise customers in Indonesia can rapidly and flexibly connect to their choice of cloud from either NTT Jakarta 2 Data Centre or NTT Indonesia network, thus simplifying the building of highly scalable hybrid and multicloud models.


State-of-the-art Data Centre For Global Business

NTT Bangkok 2 Data Centre is a high quality Nexcenter Data Centre ideal for main data centre disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Power, air conditioning, telecommunications, security and other facilities are built with redundancy to ensure operational continuity and minimize the risk of any unexpected circumstances bringing customer systems to a halt.

The Software-Defined Exchange Service (SD-Exchange) combines the strong capability of NTT Thailand’s infrastructure and Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) to offer businesses in Thailand secure and on-demand access to the world’s leading CSPs. Through SD-Exchange, enterprises in this growing international business hub can reap benefits of hybrid and multicloud by easily managing all its direct, highly scalable and on-demand private cloud connections from NTT Bangkok 2 Data Centre.

Phone: 66-2-236-7227

About NTT Singapore

Established in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary, NTT Singapore is the regional headquarters of NTT Communications for the Asia Pacific Region. NTT Singapore provides high-quality connectivity, data center solutions, security services, IT management services, voice and conferencing solutions and solution integration services to enterprises worldwide.

About NTT Indonesia

PT. NTT Indonesia, previously PT. Intechsys Trisatya started its business in 1990 focusing on telecommunication Contracting Works/Outside Plant Project (OSP), Telecommunication Consultation Services and System Integration.
On October 1st 2000, the company restructured and expanded into the IP business. Utilizing NTT Communications’ worldwide network, the NTT/VERIO Global IP Network, NTT Indonesia provides high speed and reliable internet connection to its corporate customers in Indonesia in the forms of NTTnet and state-of the art equipment housing environment and security; the NTT Nexcenter, a certified Tier-3 data center facility which is accordance with the corporate philosophy of being a one-stop service provider.

About NTT Communications Thailand

NTT has the long history to supported developing Telecommunications Technology in Thailand. NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is wholly owned subsidiary by NTT Communications Corporation and we started business as NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2000. NTT Communications Thailand provides high speed and reliable connectivity, high-quality Bangkok 1 and Bangkok 2 data center services, cloud service, security services, IT management service, voice and conferencing solution and system integrated service to enterprises worldwide.

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