Packet Transfer Delay

Packet Transfer Delay refers to the average one-way transfer delay (measured in milliseconds) between measurement points located in the regions listed in the table below for a given 5 minute measurement period.


From/ToSydneyMelbourneBrisbanePerthAucklandSingaporeHong Kong
Sydney< 2ms< 11ms< 15ms< 32ms< 80ms*
Melbourne< 11ms< 2ms< 25ms< 39ms< 90ms*
Brisbane< 15ms< 25ms< 2ms< 43ms< 95ms*
Perth< 32ms< 39ms< 43ms< 2ms< 108ms*
Auckland< 80ms*< 90ms*< 95ms*< 108ms*< 2ms
Singapore< 2ms< 20ms
Hong Kong< 20ms< 2ms

North America

Los Angeles< 2ms< 7ms< 17ms< 22ms< 34ms< 46ms< 46ms< 54ms< 8ms
Las Vegas< 2ms
San Jose< 7ms< 2ms< 11ms< 42ms< 33ms< 46ms< 44ms< 52ms< 3ms
Portland< 2ms
Seattle< 17ms< 11ms< 2ms< 42ms< 25ms< 41ms< 37ms< 43ms< 12ms
Dallas< 22ms< 42ms< 42ms< 2ms< 21ms< 21ms< 30ms< 37ms< 43ms
Chicago< 34ms< 33ms< 25ms< 21ms< 2ms< 16ms< 12ms< 15ms< 34ms
Ashburn< 46ms< 46ms< 41ms< 21ms< 16ms< 2ms< 4ms< 12ms< 47ms
New York City< 46ms< 44ms< 37ms< 30ms< 12ms< 4ms< 2ms< 9ms< 45ms
Toronto< 54ms< 52ms< 43ms< 37ms< 15ms< 12ms< 9ms< 2ms< 53ms
San Francisco< 8ms< 3ms< 12ms< 43ms< 34ms< 47ms< 45ms< 53ms< 2ms




* PTD value allows for traffic to be routed via an alternative connectivity path in the case of primary path failure. Average PTD on these direct paths is <30ms, except Perth-Auckland which has an Average PTD of <40ms.

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