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Megaport Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer if you give your respective consent upon the first visit of our Website.

Cookies help Megaport to collect information about visits to Megaport’s websites for marketing and statistical purposes to improve the way Megaport interacts with customers and with its other Website users.

All accesses to pages on Megaport’s websites are “logged”. The logged information contains such things as a list of the pages accessed and the sort of browser used. This information is used to check for attempts at “hacking”, or other fraudulent activity, to indicate missing pages or other web server problems. Megaport also uses it to provide general statistics such as the number of people viewing particular parts of the site.

The Megaportal cookie is used to authenticate customer access or to make sure customer is the same person over a given “session” time.

Megaport uses third party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics or [Intercom cookie]) to track how Megaport’s Website is used. We may provide a limited amount of your information to these third parties.

You can find more information about the individual cookies, which data is processed by them, how we use them and the purposes for which we use them and how to opt-out from them in the table below:


File Name

Cookie Duration


Google Analytics


10 minutes from setup

This cookie is used to throttle the request rate to google to enable the usage of the _ga cookie.

Google Analytics


24 months from setup/latest update

This cookie enables us to:

  • Estimate our audience size, usage patterns, and geographic and linguistic breakdowns.
  • Allow our product to remain price competitive through more efficient operational practices.
  • Analyse and improve our communications with customers.
  • Build lists of audiences to advertise to online.
  • Serve you ads via third party sites participating in Google’s AdWords and/or Remarketing programs based on your past behavior on our websites.

Visual Website Optimiser


100 days from your last visit to the website

This cookie allows us to anonymously analyze visitor usage patterns in order to refine our user interface and user experience.




24 months from setup/latest update

This cookie enables us to:

  • Estimate our audience size and usage pattern.
  • Store information about your preferences, and so allow us to customise our site and to provide you with offers that are targeted at your individual interests.
  • Recognise you when you return to our site.
  • Allow you to use our site in a way that makes your browsing experience more convenient, for example, by allowing you to store your details in between visits. If you register with us or complete our online forms, we will use cookies to remember your details during your current visit, and any future visits provided the cookie was not deleted in the interim.



3 months from setup/latest update

We use this cookie to analyze audiences to improve site design and content, as well as deliver retargeting advertising.

Perfect Audience


3 months from setup/latest update

We use this cookie to analyze audience to improve Site design and content as well as deliver retargeting advertising



1 week

Analytics cookie

We use this cookie to help understand your usage of our services. Intercom analyzes your use of our website and/or product and tracks our relationship so that we can improve our service to you. We may also use Intercom as a medium for communications, either through email, or through messages within our product(s).



24 hours

This cookie is essential for our site to provide you with access to password protected content and recognise you when you return to our site.

EU Cookie Law


6 months from the date of consent.

This cookie is essential to our website as it records a visitor’s consent to our website’s use of cookies, so that they are not prompted each time they visit.



12 Months

This cookie is used by our video player to remember where you are in a video so that if playback is interrupted (for example, by losing your internet connection) then you can get right back to where you left off.

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