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Megaport Launches AWS Direct Connect Network Service Offering on AWS Marketplace 2024/04/03
Megaport Integrates With Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Firewalls 2023/06/22
Megaport Achieves the AWS Outposts Ready Service Designation 2023/01/17
Megaport Adds Jeff Tworek to Executive Team as Chief Revenue Officer 2022/11/29
Megaport and Zenlayer Announce Strategic Partnership to Extend Their Joint Global Reach to 50+ Countries 2022/10/12
Megaport verkündet neue Partnerschaft mit Bechtle als Vertriebspartner für Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) 2022/05/04
Megaport Announces Strategic Partnership With Bechtle as Network as a Service (NaaS) Vendor Partner 2022/05/04
Megaport Appoints Jim Brinksma to Executive Team as CTO 2022/03/09
Megaport Announces Partnership with TD SYNNEX as Leading Network as a Service (NaaS) Vendor Partner 2022/01/18
Megaport Announces Expansion to Mexico, Bringing Network as a Service (NaaS) and Direct Access to Leading Cloud Services to KIO Networks 2022/01/17
Megaport Virtual Edge, Megaport’s On-demand NFV Service, Brings Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity to VMware SD-WAN Customers 2021/12/15
Megaport Announces Distribution Agreement with Arrow Electronics as its First Network as a Service (NaaS) Vendor Partner 2021/11/17
Megaport Virtual Edge Brings Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Platform 2021/11/16
Megaport Virtual Edge, Megaport’s On-demand NFV Service, Enhances Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity with Versa SASE 2021/09/29
Megaport and InterCloud Collaborate to Solve the Cloud Connectivity Challenges of Global Enterprises 2021/09/09
Megaport Acquires InnovoEdge to Drive Ease of Use and Increased Functionality on Megaport Network as a Service Platform 2021/08/10 Data Center Campus Available Worldwide via Megaport Connectivity Services 2021/08/05
Megaport Announces Megaport PartnerVantage, A New Partner Program Designed to Make NaaS Connectivity Easy 2021/08/03
Megaport Virtual Edge, Megaport’s On-demand NFV Service, Brings Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity to Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Customers 2021/05/19
AKQUINET Cooperates With Megaport and Offers Simplified Cloud Connectivity 2021/04/21
Megaport Launches Megaport Virtual Edge, an On-demand NFV Service with Immediate Support for Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity with Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect 2021/04/01
Megaport Adds IT Sales Veteran Rodney Foreman to the Executive Team as Chief Revenue Officer 2021/02/01
Leading Edge Data Centres Partners With Megaport to Bring Direct Multicloud Connectivity to Customers 2021/01/20
Custodian Data Centres Expands Cloud Connect Services with Megaport 2021/01/18
NorthC and Megaport Announce Partnership to Deliver Flexible Cloud Connectivity 2020/12/10
Kao Data Ramps-Up Hyperscale Cloud Connectivity by Partnering with Megaport 2020/12/01
Sungard Availability Services Partners with Megaport to Deliver Solutions for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructures 2020/10/28
OVHcloud Connect Offer is Evolving to Support Enterprises’ Hybrid and Multicloud Strategies 2020/10/08
Megaport Extends Global Reach of Oracle Cloud 2020/09/29
NTT Ltd. Strengthens its Partnership With Megaport to Support Hybrid and Multicloud Strategies in Hong Kong 2020/08/31
Megaport Transforming Network Edge with Development of Megaport Virtual Edge 2020/08/17
Megaport and JPNAP Partner to Deliver One-stop Connection in Japan 2020/08/17
Megaport の SDN サービスと JPNAP サービスの連携を開始 2020/08/17
Megaport Enables Customers with Secure, On-Demand Connectivity to Cloudflare 2020/08/05
Pulsant Partners with Megaport to Strengthen and Simplify Cloud Connectivity 2020/07/30
Leaseweb Global Launches Leaseweb Cloud Connect To Deliver A Flexible, Agile and Cost- Effective Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solution 2020/07/29
Sabey Data Centers Partners With Megaport to Bring Direct Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Customers 2020/07/01
Tech Vault Announces That It Is Now Offering Direct Connectivity to Leading Public Cloud Providers via Megaport 2020/06/29
1623 Farnam Announces On-Demand Global Network Connectivity with Megaport 2020/06/24
Megaport Launches its NaaS Platform in France, Providing Businesses with Fast, Scalable Access to the Cloud 2020/06/02
Megaport Deploys New SDN Cloud On-Ramp in EdgeConneX Warsaw Data Centre Facility 2020/05/15
Tampnet partners with Megaport to provide simplified cloud connectivity across the Nordics 2020/05/07
Green Mountain announces first Megaport enabled data center facility in Stavanger 2020/04/17
QTS Deploys Megaport in Seven Additional Data Centers 2020/01/15
Megaport Launches in Japan 2019/11/20
Megaport Cloud Router 2.0 2019/09/17
Megaport Elastic Cloud Connectivity Now Available in EdgeConneX Munich Edge Data Center 2019/09/12
FY19 Full Year Results and Global Update 2019/08/21
CyrusOne Integrates Megaport Into London I Data Center, Giving Enterprises Seamless Access to Cloud Services 2019/08/16
4Q FY19 Global Update 2019/07/23
The Migration Company and Megaport Partner to Deliver the Fastest and Easiest Migrations in the Market 2019/07/05
DigiPlex Partners with Megaport to Expand Cloud Connectivity Across the Nordics 2019/06/27
365 Data Centers Partners with Megaport to Provide Easy and Secure Access to Public Clouds 2019/06/27
EdgeConneX® Brings Cutting-Edge Cloud Access Solutions to Memphis 2019/06/19
Kentik Enables Connectivity for Easy, Secure Access to Total Network Visibility via Megaport 2019/06/05
Cyxtera and Megaport Expand Partnership to Europe to Deliver Rapid Cloud Connectivity 2019/06/04
Evoque Partners with Megaport to Bring Direct Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Customers 2019/06/04
Ficolo Partners with Megaport to Offer Direct Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Leading Global Cloud Providers 2019/05/21
Telia partners with Megaport on Multicloud Connectivity Solution for Helsinki Data Center 2019/05/11
Bluebird Network Partners with Global Connectivity Provider Megaport 2019/05/07
Megaport Elastic Cloud Connectivity Available in EdgeConneX​’s Denver Data Center 2019/03/19
NTT Malaysia Partners with Megaport to Bring Direct Multicloud Connectivity to Malaysian Enterprises 2019/02/21
Megaport Provides Customers with Secure, On-Demand Connectivity to the Nutanix Xi Cloud 2019/02/19
HGC Collaborates with Megaport to Deliver Multi-Cloud Connect Service 2019/01/31
Megaport Enables Dedicated Access to Newly Expanded Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Region in Toronto 2019/01/17
FY19 Half Year Results Release and Investor Briefing 2019/01/16
OneAsia and Megaport Partner to Bring Multi-Cloud Capabilities to Hong Kong Based Enterprises 2018/12/05
Activ Financial, Megaport Partner on Market Data 2018/12/04
eStruxture Partners with Megaport to Provide Direct, Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Customers 2018/11/27
Megaport and Linxdatacenter Partner to Deliver Direct Cloud Connectivity to Russia 2018/11/22
Flexential Adds New FlexAnywhere Connectivity Options with Megaport 2018/11/19
ROOT Data Center Partners with Megaport to Boost Cloud Connectivity Options in its Montreal Facilities 2018/11/13
Orixcom Partners with Megaport to Deliver Direct Cloud Connectivity in Dubai 2018/10/24
vXchnge and Megaport Augment Cloud Connectivity Options for Data Center Customers in Strategic Markets 2018/10/23
DataMSP Enables Rapid On-Ramps to the Cloud with Megaport 2018/10/02
STT GDC Enables Direct On-Demand Connectivity to Cloud Services with Megaport 2018/08/28
Megaport Enables Dedicated Access to Newly Expanded Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle FastConnect Locations in London 2018/06/26
Netrality Partners with Megaport to Increase Cloud Connectivity Options at Critical Interconnection Facilities 2018/05/14
Stratacore Partners with Leading Network-as-a-Service Provider Megaport to give Enterprises Access to a Global Ecosystem through a Single Connection 2018/05/13
Megaport Supports Hybrid Network Connections to Google Cloud with its Global Software Defined Network 2018/04/25
RagingWire Boosts ‘Cloud Connect’ Portfolio by Adding Megaport to Deliver Elastic Connectivity to Global Ecosystem of Service Providers 2018/04/19
Colt DCS Partners with Megaport to Connect Customers to Leading Cloud Platforms 2018/04/17
NTT Indonesia Partners with Megaport to bring Direct Multicloud Connectivity to Organisations in Indonesia 2018/03/07
Megaport Launches Direct Connectivity to the World’s #1 CRM, Salesforce 2018/02/20
Cinia Partners with Megaport to Deliver Direct Cloud Connectivity to the Nordics 2018/02/19
Megaport Launches Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) 2018/01/22
IO Partners with Megaport to Provide Private Direct Cloud Connectivity for IO Data Center Customers 2017/12/07
Megaport​ ​Provides​ ​Enterprises​ ​with​ ​Direct​ ​Access​ ​to​ ​IBM​ ​Cloud 2017/12/06
Megaport Achieves AWS Networking Competency Status 2017/12/04
Cyxtera Announces Megaport Connectivity in Key Markets 2017/11/29
vXchnge and Megaport Enrich Cloud Connectivity in Strategic Markets 2017/11/15
Megaport​ ​and​ ​NTT​ ​Singapore​ ​Extend​ ​Multicloud​ ​Capabilities​ ​to​ ​Singapore Enterprises 2017/09/11
Megaport Appoints Tim Hoffman as Chief Technology Officer 2017/09/05
FORTRUST Partners with Megaport to Provide Seamless Connectivity to Hyperscale Cloud Providers 2017/08/30
Stream Data Centers and Megaport Partnership Enables Private Direct Cloud Connectivity for North American Customers 2017/08/30
QTS Enhances Carrier-Neutral Cloud Connectivity Ecosystem for Hybrid IT Solutions With Megaport Partnership 2017/07/18
Advantage Communications Group Partners with Megaport to Deliver Elastic Interconnection 2017/06/21
EdgeConneX® and Megaport Partner to Enable Elastic Cloud Connectivity to the Edge in Three More Markets 2017/06/20
Aqua Comms and Megaport Receive Global Telecoms Business Award 2017/05/23
Megaport Appoints Belle Lajoie as Chief Commercial Officer 2017/05/22
Megaport Software Defined Network Integrates with Alibaba Cloud 2017/05/16
Megaport Connects Enterprises in Australia-New Zealand and North America 2017/05/05
Megaport Launches Global Cloud Collaboration With Oracle 2017/04/24
Megaport Launches Megaport Exchange, a Marketplace for Technology Providers 2017/04/11
Verizon Digital Media Services collaborates with Megaport to expand the Edgecast Content Delivery Network into New Zealand 2017/04/04
Enter Cloud Suite Now Available on the Megaport Software Defined Network 2017/04/04
Megaport Enters into Global Platform & Exclusive South American Strategic Alliance with Seaborn Networks 2017/01/18
Megaport Enables Elastic Interconnectivity to Trans-Pacific Link 2017/01/16
Megaport to Deploy Its Elastic Interconnection Fabric in EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers Globally 2017/01/13
Rackspace Expands Multi-Cloud Networking Capabilities with Connectivity Through Megaport 2016/12/14
Sofia Connect Extends Network Reach via Strategic Partnership with Megaport to Enable Elastic Interconnectivity Throughout Eastern Europe 2016/12/08
Aviatrix and Megaport Collaborate to Offer a Secure Connectivity Bundle for Companies Using AWS Direct Connect 2016/11/29
Aqua Comms Partners With Megaport to Enable Elastic Interconnectivity to Its Transatlantic Subsea Cable Network 2016/11/16
NYI and Megaport Partner to Enable Cloud and Peering Interconnection 2016/11/08
Digital Realty to Launch Service Exchange to Simplify Global Data Center and Cloud Interconnection 2016/09/22
Megaport Appoints Haidee Van Ruth as Chief Financial Officer 2016/09/06
FY16 Full Year Results and Global Update 2016/08/25