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Introducing Megaport's AI Exchange (AIx) – Megaport's AI Exchange connects businesses, service providers, and technologies within a secure, dynamic ecosystem, enabling robust AI solution development with unparalleled network, data, and service integration.


Access powerful infrastructure and third party models.

GPUaaS Providers

Deliver high-performance computing power seamlessly over AIx, ensuring scalable and secure interconnection for AI and machine learning workloads.

Hyperscaler AIaaS

Unlock the full potential of hyperscaler AIaaS offerings with AIx, ensuring seamless, high-bandwidth connectivity for scalable, enterprise-grade AI solutions over a secure private network.

Third Party AI Models

Enhance model accessibility and performance with AIx, providing enterprises with secure, high-bandwidth connections to cutting-edge AI technologies.

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Empower your AI operations with Megaport's AI Exchange

Access a global, private ecosystem

Access a global, private ecosystem

Harness the power of Megaport's AIx to tap into a global private ecosystem of AI service providers and technologies, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration. In an era where AI innovation is critical, enterprises can accelerate development and deployment by accessing a diverse array of AI resources worldwide.

Build secure and reliable connections

Build secure and reliable connections

With Megaport's AIx, enterprises can build secure and reliable connections to AI services, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring consistent performance. As AI-driven operations become increasingly integral to business strategies, robust and secure networking solutions are essential to maintaining competitive advantage and operational integrity.

Reach further – Expand your network

Reach further – Expand your network

Expand your AI capabilities by leveraging Megaport's AIx to connect with cutting-edge AI technologies and partners globally. In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, scalable and high-bandwidth interconnections enable businesses to stay ahead by rapidly integrating new AI solutions and scaling their AI infrastructure.

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