Here you’ll find a list of commonly asked questions about Megaport and our services. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact a Megaport specialist.

  • Q: Does Megaport provide connectivity for redundancy with Cloud Service Providers?

  • A: Absolutely, Megaport can offer dedicated virtual connections, called VXCs for both the Primary and Secondary connections to a Cloud Service Providers.
  • Q: Can Megaport provide disaster recovery including equipment redundancy, in the event my access is lost over a primary direct connection to a Cloud Service Provider?

  • A: We sure can. Megaport can provide the primary and secondary virtual connections, on the VXCs to Cloud Service Providers either on the same access Megaport, or we can offer separate physical access Megaports to support equipment diversity. Both of these Cloud connections can be supported in Active/Active status, allowing the end user to manage their peering traffic in the event the primary goes down.
  • Q: Am I confined to a specific Region in reaching availability zones to a Cloud Service Provider.

  • A: Not at all. Megaport provides the end user access to all of our on-ramp locations where we connect to the Cloud Service Providers, regardless of where the end user’s physical Megaport lives a customer can choose different Cloud Regions.
  • Q: What are some of the uses for connecting to different Regions?

  • A: A customer can perform a migration of their environments between separate Regions, utilise a secondary connection to a second Region for back-up in the event of a primary link loss on their connection, or even move workloads to a different Region based on where their additional hub or end/remote sites are located that require access to the Enterprises cloud environments.
  • Q: Does Megaport run it’s own network to connect to Cloud Service Providers.

  • A: We sure do. Megaport owns and operates our own core network infrastructure. We procure fibre and transport for each market and between inter-city, market to market to connect our network. We utilise our own software proprietary stack that allows for true automation in delivering a software enabled-network while providing a Restful API for an end user to either perform actions to create Megaports and connections to the Cloud from our web portal or mobile app. The API also allows for integration for a provider to write to our software.
  • Q: How does Megaport manage capacity and utilisation to handle additional customers and throughput?

  • A: Unlike traditional nailed down dedicated private lines, many of Megaports end users are consuming cloud services with bursty compute based usage. Megaport proactively monitors our capacity between our direct uplinks with Cloud Providers and our inter-city transport capacity connecting our network to each market. Our network can handle incoming Megaport requests from our portal, and we treat higher-rate bandwidth requests beyond 10G as individual case basis. High-rate requests are reviewed and worked by our team including parties such as my-self Solution Architect, Network Engineering and our Planning Groups to identify what service or services are being requested, will the traffic stay local, or be back-hauled to another destination on our network, etc.
  • Q: Does Megaport offer an SLA?

  • A: Absolutely, we support 100% Uptime baked into our SLA. We provide a primary connection path to deliver the dedicated virtual connections to our Cloud Service Providers. In the event of link loss or congestion on a primary path, our network will route traffic to a secondary path for continuity.
  • Q: What is the latency like and do you provide figures?

  • A: Megaport supports providing Latency figures by displaying our Packet Transfer Delay times here which we honour and bake into our SLA. These figures differ based on market to market. An end user can gauge what their latency will be by reviewing where their Megaport lives in a market and where they would choose to select a connection location that we on-ramp to a specific Cloud Service Provider a customer chooses to use.

If your question isn’t answered here, please contact a Megaport specialist.

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