Egress E-Guide

Find out how to save up to 66% on egress fees*.

Megaport Overview

Our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform provides private, scalable, and on-demand connectivity in minutes, not months.

Predicts 2022: Connecting the Digital Enterprise

Download this report to learn what they predict in 2022 and what I&O leaders responsible for cloud and edge infrastructure should do about it.

How Healthcare Organizations Use Megaport

Managing digital transformation in healthcare IT has never been more complicated.

2021 Cloud Connectivity Buyer’s Guide

Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Spotlight: Why Cloud Connectivity Is as Critical as the Cloud Itself

The Year of Multicloud: Using NaaS to Deploy Your Strategy

Technical and operational insights to evaluate your firm's specific needs regarding cloud networks and connectivity platforms.

Connectivity for Today’s Hybrid and Multicloud Enterprise

Find out why connectivity matters for today’s hybrid and multicloud enterprise



In this podcast, Megaport’s Head of Solutions, Europe, Paul McGuinness, talks to Enterprise Management 360 about the trends and challenges of multicloud solutions. Listen in to hear insights into the multicloud use cases we see today, how they are going to develop over time and what to be aware of when architecting a multicloud solution.


The Megaport Insight Series is a selection of byte-sized commentary clips from Megaport specialists.

About Megaport

Megaport is the world’s first software defined networking interconnection platform – connecting businesses from any data centre to any other data centre or cloud provider in a simple and cheap manner.

Connect Over Coffee

Watch Misha Cetrone, VP Cloud at Megaport as he connects to a leading cloud provider in minutes.