Financial Services Exchange

The Future of Secure Financial Connectivity

Introducing Megaport's Financial Services Exchange (FSX) – a revolutionary platform designed to streamline and secure the connectivity of financial institutions, enterprises, and service providers.


Forge new connections in our diverse ecosystem

Market Data Providers

Gain real-time, secure access to global financial markets through FSX, ensuring the most up-to-date and reliable data without latency concerns.


Enhance trading speed and security with direct, low-latency connections to exchanges and liquidity providers, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions.


Benefit from FSX’s low-latency private connections, optimizing trade execution and ensuring seamless access to global market participants.

Fintech Providers

Leverage FSX to access and integrate with leading fintech solutions, ensuring faster deployment and enhanced connectivity for streamlined and innovative financial operations.

Financial Institutions

Ensure robust, compliant, and secure interconnection with market participants, enhancing your ability to provide innovative financial services with minimal risk.

Trusted by 330+ globally recognized financial institutions

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Discover FSX

Empower your financial operations with Megaport's Financial Services Exchange

Access a global, private ecosystem

Access a global, private ecosystem

FSX connects you to a global private ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration with key market players and supporting trends in globalization and digital transformation.

Build secure and reliable connections

Build secure and reliable connections

FSX offers robust, private interconnection that helps you meet compliance standards, protecting your data and maintaining operational integrity amidst increasing cyber threats.

Reach further – Expand your network

Reach further – Expand your network

FSX enables you to effortlessly extend your network, connecting with new markets and partners to drive growth and innovation in the evolving financial landscape.

Megaport FSX

How It Works

Megaport Financial Services Exchange enhances your connectivity through an intuitive global network platform that allows for seamless integration and instant connections.

Instantly connect to services over our private network, ensuring low latency and enhanced protection.
Build redundancy into your network with ease. Our network is inherently diverse and path-protected, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
Securely connect to marketplace providers or an individual entity on the Megaport network.
Privately connect to cloud services with our integration to major CSPs, which abstracts the complexity and streamlines your connections.

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