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EdgeConneX® is the only global Edge Data Center® provider.

Megaport & EdgeConneX® Partnership

This partnership between EdgeConneX and Megaport will empower businesses to expand and innovate, leveraging the fastest and most secure cloud connectivity options available. It enables Megaport’s dynamic and elastic interconnection platform throughout EdgeConneX’s global Edge Data Centers. This levels the playing field for today’s burgeoning enterprises that exist outside of core markets, while transforming previously underserved regions into prime connectivity points, thus providing full access to the cloud.

“Megaport’s alliance with EdgeConneX is a major milestone in the mission toward enhanced connectivity at the Edge of the network, bringing direct cloud access where it’s needed most. Our advanced SDN [Software Defined Network] and robust provider ecosystem are driving cloud adoption throughout the enterprise community. With these tools, we are looking forward to providing EdgeConneX customers with the necessary means to achieve fast and reliable connectivity to mission-critical cloud services.” Nicole Cooper, EVP, North America, Megaport


About EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX® is the only global Edge Data Center® provider. Creating purpose-built, edge-of-network infrastructure solutions that extend the Internet’s reach, EdgeConneX enables the fastest and most secure delivery of content, cloud services and applications.  Edge Data Centers host bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive data closer to end-users, establishing a more secure, reliable and cost effective distribution model for the internet.  For more information, please visit the EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere® at edgeconnex.com

Customer Focus

  • Flexibility: Purpose-built, high quality and high powered, state of the art data center facilities wherever customers need them to be deployed
  • Reach: An existing global footprint but with the ability to expand our reach to any market globally.  We bring the data center to you rather than making you come to the data center
  • Speed to Market: Ability to quickly build into a new market or location for customers in under 6 months
  • Simplicity: Transparent Pricing; Simple Contracting; Consistent Design; Experienced Operations; Peace of Mind

Service Delivery Enablement Platform:

  • Proximity: Facilities located closest to end users (At the Edge)
  • ROI: Enables you to bring your services and solutions closer to your customers
  • Global Footprint: Our business happens at the Edge because we deploy our data centers where our customers want them, anywhere in the world
  • Performance: Your services improve with reduced latency
  • Ecosystems: Ability to support hybrid/multi-cloud ecosystems of service providers and enterprises


  • ROI: Economic benefits of Wholesale Model with the benefits of low price points but not required to buy in large volume
  • Top & Bottom Line Improvements: Your services at the Edge, closer to your customers, reduced costs, increased revenue opportunities
  • Just in Time Capacity: Ability to scale capacity on-demand to support growth needs more efficiently

Edge Customer Ecosystems:

  • Network and Mobile Service Providers
  • Content & Digital Media:
  • Cloud & IT Services:
  • (Industrial) Internet of Things
  • System Integrators & Managed Service Providers

Edge Data Center Services

Space, Power & Connectivity. Where you ASK for it.

  • Edge Data Centers: 2-4 MW’s
  • Regional Data Centers: 4-10 MW’s
  • Hyperscale Edge Data Centers: 10-20 +MW’s
  • Micro Edge Data Centers: < 500kws
  • Interconnection:
    • CloudConneX – direct private access to leading hyperscale cloud providers
    • Internet Exchanges – several local IXs now available with more on the way
    • Peering – robust ecosystem of industry leading MSO, ISP, CDN, and cloud providers

EdgeConneX Data Center Locations

More than 30 high performance data centers worldwide in 27 markets.  Ability to go to any market, to support any deployment type, with any size facility in 6-9 months, providing the customer with an optimal location to best suit their needs and in close proximity to their business or customers.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud Access at the Edge:

The Edge Manifesto

Gartner’s Bob Gil states in his report, The Edge Manifesto, that “moving data centers’ processing and content delivery/collection closer to the sources and sinks of digital business information offers significant benefits and spawns new business models.  This is the essence of the “edge manifesto.”  The use of smaller, distributed, connected data centers (likely fulfilled as space in colocation centers), closer to concentrations of users and generators of content (“pushing things to the edge”), will be required for these workloads.”

This is particularly true for Cloud.  As more enterprises move their production workloads to the Cloud, they want to ensure they have the flexibility to choose different cloud providers.  More importantly, they want their cloud to be more proximate to their location so they can ensure the performance, security, and cost of using the Cloud can fully achieve all that is promised when migrating workloads to the Cloud.  With the collaboration of Megaport and EdgeConneX bringing multi-cloud access closer to end users, customers can now receive the full promise and benefits of Cloud computing.

Proof Point – Performance Testing:

EdgeConneX, Megaport and AWS in Portland Use Case

The move to public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions has brought management benefits and cost savings, but connecting to these cloud environments using the public internet often brings slow performance and service degradations. With direct cloud connectivity solutions, users gain access to the best paths available, eliminating multiple hops, bypassing network transfers, and avoiding congestion inherent in the public Internet. This direct path to the cloud results in lower latency and faster application performance.

Cloud Connectivity: Improving Response Time

EdgeConneX has worked in partnership with Cedexis, the leader in real user performance measurements to cloud and CDN providers, to validate the improvement of direct cloud latency. Cedexis measured public Internet throughout the Portland area using their panel of response time metrics. Comparing this with a sample of similar metrics using the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) solution shows significant improvement for cloud connection.

Cloud Connectivity: Improving Response Time

EdgeConneX worked in partnership with Cedexis to validate the improvement of direct cloud latency. Cedexis measured public Internet throughout the Portland area using their panel of response time metrics. Comparing this with a sample of similar metrics using the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) solution shows significant improvement for cloud connection.

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