The easiest way to connect
to Cloudflare.

Extend and protect your network across the globe. Access Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) from wherever you are.

Connect directly to Cloudflare.

Megaport is a Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI) Partner providing direct private access to Cloudflare infrastructure. You can provision connectivity from hundreds of Megaport-enabled locations to Cloudflare regions and CNI Points-of-Presence (PoPs) across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific in just a few clicks.

It’s all about the cloud

Direct connectivity to Cloudflare with Megaport enables:

Private access that bypasses the public internet

High network performance, consistency, and predictability

Improved data and operational security

Flexible and scalable cloud networking


How it works.

Cloudflare Network Interconnect consists of a physical network connection at Cloudflare locations around the world. Cloudflare locations reside within facilities operated by co-located data centers where Megaport is enabled.

  • Single Connection
  • Redundant Connection
  • Fully Redundant Connection
Single Connection diagram
Redundant Connection diagram
Fully Redundant Connection diagram


Cloudflare at your doorstep.

Get closer to the cloud with Megaport. Access the services and resources you need no matter where your business lives – even if that’s outside of a Cloudflare Region or far from an on-ramp. The following Cloudflare Regions and data center locations are accessible via any Megaport-enabled Point of Presence.
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America
Singapore Equinix SG1
Sydney Equinix SY 1/2
Tokyo Equinix TY2
Amsterdam Equinix AM1
Frankfurt Equinix FR5
London Telehouse North
Ashburn Equinix DC/6
Chicago Equinix CH1/2/4
Los Angeles Equinix LA1
Miami Equinix MI1
New York City Digital Realty NYC2
San Jose Equinix SV1/5/10
Seattle Equinix SE2
Toronto Equinix TY2

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Cloudflare Partner Interconnect Infopaper

Take a deep dive into how Megaport gets you connected to Cloudflare via CNI by reading our infopaper.

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