Aviatrix Secure Edge

Powerful encryption and control
with Aviatrix Secure Edge.

Deploy Aviatrix Secure Edge anywhere on Megaport's global network.

Aviatrix Secure Edge on MVE

Next-generation connectivity from Aviatrix and Megaport delivers the performance, speed, and control you need for secure cloud operations. Our integration ensures seamless deployment of highly resilient hybrid and multicloud networks. Achieve operational efficiency and resiliency with our advanced cloud networking solutions.

Pairing leading technologies

The best of cloud networking.

Together, Aviatrix and Megaport are transforming how enterprises in highly regulated industries approach cloud networking. Build a network that effortlessly meets stringent regulatory compliance requirements, including encryption and data security, network segmentation, and data loss prevention.

Operational Resiliency

Deploy multiple private connections in real time using Megaport to easily meet cloud service provider SLAs. Optimize diversity and enhance visibility for effective risk mitigation using Aviatrix's advanced routing capabilities.

Secure Movement of Data

Megaport's private network combined with Aviatrix's robust encryption ensures your sensitive information remains protected as it travels across different environments.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance automation using Terraform or APIs to control your connectivity. Plus, reduce costs with egress fee reduction, right-sized capacity planning, and comprehensive cost visibility across cloud environments with Aviatrix Co-Pilot.

Get started

Ready for deployment.

Get started with Aviatrix Secure Edge on Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) today. We’ve laid out step-by-step instructions on our tech docs site to guide you through the process. Check out the resources below, including our tech docs, to learn more and kickstart your deployment.

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