European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX)

ECIX is a leading provider Internet Exchange (IX) services in Europe and the second largest IX in Germany. Founded in 2001, ECIX provides cost-effective peering services to telecommunications carriers, data centres, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), mobile operators and hosting providers.

In August 2016, ECIX was acquired by Megaport, growing network reach significantly and broadening service offerings.

The European Commercial Internet Exchange, or ECIX (a trademark of Peering GmbH), was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2001. ECIX is Germany’s second largest IXP, both by membership and traffic, and one of largest IXPs in Europe.

ECIX operates carrier neutral peering through IXPs in 25 sites across five cities: Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. In addition, ECIX provides remote peering in and to Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Nuremberg. Over 150 different parties are connected to ECIX and our peak traffic regularly exceeds 1 Tbps.

The ECIX platforms offer a number of value added services. These are provided by ECIX itself as well as in cooperation with partners. MPLS-based L2 Transport for public peering, private peering and site interconnection are available between all sites in all cities. ECIX takes pride in being highly active within the peering community. We would like to invite you to join us and boost your network.

Local Peering

Local peering is available via an ethernet interface in the following locations:


  • Speedbone / Alboinkontor
  • Level3
  • Carrier Colocation / Telecity Lützowstr.
  • Carrier Colocation Kitzingstr.
  • eShelter


  • Interxion
  • Level3
  • Equinix
  • MyLoc
  • Telia


  • Equinix FR4
  • Equinix FR5 (Ancotel)
  • Interxion FRA1-10
  • I.T.E.N.O.S.
  • Telia


  • IPHH
  • Level3
  • Artfiles
  • Globalconnect
  • euNetworks


  • Vodafone (Cable&Wireless)
  • Equinix MU1

Remote Peering

Remote Peering services as provided as VLANs in the following locations. As each location has its own IPv4 and IPv6 address pool, local and remote peering traffic can be easily differentiated.

  • Amsterdam (via AMS-IX)
  • Luxembourg (via LU-CIX)
  • Nuremberg (via N-IX)

Key Benefits

  • 1Gpbs, 10Gbps, and 100Gbps ethernet port speeds, as well as aggregated port offerings
  • Competitive pricing
  • Carrier neutral network

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