Connecting AWS and Equinix

7872+ ways
to connect AWS with Equinix

Megaport makes it easy to seamlessly integrate cloud services in AWS with your on-premises infrastructure co-located in Equinix data centers.

Connect directly from Equinix to AWS

With access to 48 different AWS on-ramps, serviceable in 164 distinct Equinix data centers, Megaport can help you build your ideal hybrid cloud network. Forget high latency, long provisioning times, and security issues. Say hello to fast, easy cloud networking solutions.


Build your hybrid cloud network on your terms

Whether you want to connect just one Equinix data center with cloud services in AWS, or you want to network several facilities with a multicloud solution, you're only a few clicks away.


Connect where and how you want, with 164 Equinix facilities and 48 AWS on-ramps to choose from.


Manage your network with easy-to-use software tools and APIs.

One platform. Every connection.

With 850+ enabled locations and 365+ service providers, spanning 25 countries, provision your hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, multicloud, and edge connections all in one place.

How to connect AWS and Equinix

Bring Equinix into your Hybrid Cloud environment.

Megaport is a software layer that provides an easy way to create and manage network connections. Through the Megaport network, you can deploy private point-to-point connectivity between any of the locations on Megaport's global network infrastructure.

The Megaport platform allows you to provision and manage connections between AWS and Equinix data centers in just a few clicks. Simply select your desired bandwidth, choose your locations, and establish secure, dedicated connections within minutes.

Complex Networks, Simplified.

Consolidate Your Ecosystem

With a mature ecosystem offering global reach and a broad range of services, AWS is popular amongst start-ups and global enterprises alike, particularly for supporting DevOps, IoT, and web/application hosting.

AWS Direct Connect Infopaper

Learn more about how you can use AWS with Megaport to simplify your cloud connectivity and accelerate your digital transformation.

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Enabled Equinix Locations

Search for your data center amongst our 164 enabled Equinix locations, or explore all of our 850+ connected locations spanning 25 countries.

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