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Megaport Case Studies

At Megaport, we deliver connectivity solutions for a diverse range of business challenges across multiple verticals. Connecting enterprises and service providers over the world’s leading Software-Defined Network, we enable greater agility, reduce operating costs, and increase speed to market.

For insight into how Megaport has helped businesses across the world connect and scale, click through to our customer success stories.

The Queensland Airports Limited case is a comprehensive example of how Megaport’s enterprise customers can leverage Elastic Interconnection services and flexible bandwidth options in order to cost-effectively improve their customer experience.

Challenges: Performance, Cost, Flexibility
Solution: VXC, MegaIX, Peering.

The G-Core Labs case study illustrates how an innovative infrastructure provider can leverage Megaport’s SDN to future-proof their network architecture.

Challenges: Performance, Cost, Flexibility
Solution: MegaIX, VXC, Peering

News Corp Australia

The News Corp Australia case study illustrates how Megaport’s enterprise customers can leverage dedicated connectivity to AWS services for rapid migration to host business-critical applications.

Challenges: Network resilience, flexibility, cost
Solution: VXCs, Portal

Cloud Scene

The Cloudscene case study illustrates how Megaport’s enterprise customers can quickly and simply leverage dedicated connectivity to AWS services in order to build secure and high-performance network architecture.

Challenges: Speed to market, global reach, flexibility
Solution: 10 Gbps Port, 1 Gbps VXC

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