Why We Joined Euro-IX

Back in August I wrote a short post about joining APIX – The Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association and talked a bit about communities and the role they play in our industry.

Today, I’m really excited to announce that we have become a member of Euro-IX, the European Internet Exchange Association.

Euro-IX was the first industry association of this type formed. It has been primarily focused on European Internet Exchanges. However, it has since evolved; they now allow various types of membership for those not primarily based in Europe.

This excites me because last year, I had the opportunity to attend my first Euro-IX meeting in Marseille, France. I witnessed firsthand a passionate community that adds great value to the Internet peering ecosystem. Over 120 dedicated Internet Exchange professionals converged in the South of France to talk about how to make Internet Exchanges better for the users, and for the Internet as a whole.

Two interesting topics that I really enjoyed were Internet Peering as a Cloud-enabler for Enterprises by Lionel Marie, and the JSON export schema by Nick Hillard. The JSON export scheme is about a new standard that relates to how an Internet Exchange can present all of the participants of an Internet Exchange in a standardized format for users to view and use with their own tools. And we’ve implemented this back in June!

We look forward to the contributions we can make, as we become a more important part of the Internet.

Gavin Tweedie

Author: Gavin Tweedie

Global Interconnection Director

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