What Megaport and Europe Mean For Each Other

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It is rare that timing works so well. We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor the European Peering Forum on the 19th – 21st September in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our sponsorship comes on the heels of some amazing news for Megaport and the cloud services and data interconnection markets in Europe. With the acquisition of ECIX and OM-NIX announced only a few weeks ago, we at Megaport are bringing next-level interconnection capabilities to Europe.

I feel confident saying this having spent significant time developing interconnection ecosystems in Europe. My time as Chief Commercial Officer at Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) provided a wealth of insight into the need for intelligent platforms that can enable companies to directly connect to the services they need. Megaport was an obvious choice for partnering to bring next-level interconnection to Europe.

Europe is experiencing changes on many levels; both socio-political and technological. The pace of change in the cloud and network service provider space shows no signs of slowing. The discussions around data sovereignty and its implications on digital borders should also not be underestimated. While this is something that we will explore further in a the future, it is worth making note of the opportunity we have been able to create in an increasingly complicated market.

Europe is a deeply complex region that requires a tailored approach to each individual market. As Kay Rechthien, ECIX CTO touched on in our last post, we understand the value of building communities locally in order to retain regional individuality. The Megaport model is a cocktail of classical peering services, cloud access, and elastic interconnectivity that works to address three key challenges within Europe.

The first is the Big Mac syndrome. We work to standardise the product offering, allowing for the exact same ordering process regardless of borders. This allows us to create benchmarks with which to classify our services and standardise high levels of customer service as well as keep our product consistent.

Secondly, we have allowed for localization. We connect customers to the cloud within their sovereign borders and focus on peering within smaller regions. This enables us to work within the restrictions that certain countries maintain due to issues of data sovereignty.

Lastly, we enable diversity by being a global company with an enormous footprint. We allow customers to hit availability zones around the continent, isles, and the world. This means awesome things for global companies that are looking for multi-regional footprints, both within Europe as well as throughout North America and Asia Pacific.

Ultimately, as we have grown as a company Europe has turned out to be the perfect fit for Megaport, and we’re confident that we will be the perfect fit for connectivity within and outside of Europe in return. We are pleased to be in a position to tackle the challenges that a deeply complex region presents as well as to develop our services as demand requires.

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