We’ve Launched in France!

Megaport’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform offers fast, scalable, and secure connections to a wide range of cloud providers 

Megaport est arrivé en France

We’re excited to announce that Megaport has launched our services in France, giving French (and international) customers access to a multitude of unique data centres, cloud on-ramps, and service providers to support their local and global IT needs. Our easy to use self-service portal, fast deployment, and flexible contract terms allow enterprises in France (and across Europe) to build a connectivity resource that aligns with their overall cloud strategy, and improve the capabilities of French businesses to quickly create a scalable hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or cloud-to-cloud architecture. Our services will initially be available from three Paris locations — Equinix Paris 2, Interxion Paris 5, and Colt Paris 2, and very soon adding Telehouse Paris 2 and 3 and Interxion in Marseille. We’ll be adding other locations in the future. This launch increases our presence in EMEA to 14 countries and 24 metros, with more cloud on-ramps than other SDN providers.

We’re Now Enabling French Enterprises in the Cloud

Expanding to France was a natural move for us. After all, France is Europe’s third largest economy and the sixth largest in the world, with many cloud hungry industries such as aerospace, AI, IoT, and finance. We certainly cannot ignore an economy and a demand of that size. French (and multinational) companies can now take advantage of a variety of leading data centre providers to power their business applications, with a state-of-the-art cloud connectivity service that their customers and end users can deploy as they need. Equally important, data centres need fast, private, and scalable on-demand connectivity with multiple cloud providers — AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and more. With Megaport’s ready-built, point and click provisioning, those organisations can avoid timely setup time and implement their connectivity strategy almost instantaneously.

Enabling customers to work smarter, with agility and with simplicity, is synonymous with cloud computing, and the access architecture is a primary factor in enabling enterprises to connect cloud services or applications and transport their workloads efficiently, securely, and with scale. Customers can access cloud on-ramps based in France to take advantage of local cloud regions for low latency cloud enablement — keeping the applications close to end users and optimising for performance. They can also use the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) to access over 170 on-ramps around the globe (we provide the largest choice available from any vendor) to enable a global footprint for hybrid and multicloud services.

We’re pleased that customers in France also will benefit from reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging Megaport’s NaaS solution for accessing large compute, analytics, and big data applications from cloud providers on the Megaport Network. They’ll experience quicker and more reliable connectivity to the applications and platforms they need to power their business. Our renowned ease-of-use and simplicity-of-operation remove much of the need for extensive technical knowhow during provisioning and maintenance, with no install fees or capital.

Multicloud — The Next Phase of Cloud Adoption in France

Businesses throughout the world are combining several cloud providers to create a holistic IT architecture that enables them to benefit from the best the cloud has to offer. The cloud is equally vital to companies in France, who can now access all that Megaport has established, supporting over 1,800 customers and almost 20,000 services. This multicloud trend has put more emphasis on the need for an access architecture that enables agile cloud-to-cloud connectivity. By directly connecting cloud providers and enabling them to communicate with one another, key applications can benefit from better performance due to reduced  latency and predictable performance over a dedicated, private connection.

Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) simplifies cloud-to-cloud connections by automating and managing IP routing on behalf of the customer. This means there’s no need to procure or manage physical routers, and the provisioning of connections is managed through Megaport’s web-based portal. In fact, Oracle and Google recommend using MCR to connect their cloud services to third party clouds. Customers in France can now use MCR to enable this cloud-to-cloud capability between local and global cloud services.

We Continue to Grow in Strategic Markets

As we are always watching and responding to cloud trends, we recently launched in Japan, Denmark, and Poland, and we’ve now just expanded to France. We’re currently connecting over 600 data centres worldwide, and we will continue to expand our cloud interconnectivity to key, strategic markets.

We’ve already received positive publicity on this expansion, including this June 2 article in Data Economy, Megaport Unveils European Expansion With Deployment Of NaaS Solution In France. Please take a look.

You can find more information on our launch in France in our press release.

French flag

Vive la France! 

UPDATE: June 23, 2020 — We’re now live at Interxion MRS2 in Marseille.

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