Think You're Too Far From Your Preferred Cloud Vendor?

Think You’re Too Far From Your Preferred Cloud Vendor? We Have a Solution.

If the public cloud services you use are too far from your premises, why not just bring them closer?

The cloud was intended to bring the very best IT solutions to everyone, regardless of your organisation’s size, budget, or technical know-how.

Sadly, that hasn’t been true for everyone. Because even though you can purchase a cloud service and run it from anywhere in the world, your location still matters. The latency, the compliance risks, and even the costs of getting up and running at acceptable speeds, can have a big impact on what you can get from the cloud.

Fortunately, that’s changed. With our intelligent Megaport Cloud Router, you can mitigate the latency and compliance impacts of connecting to remote cloud data centres for good.

The Two-Fold Distance Dilemma

Let’s say your business is based in the United States and there’s this hot new cloud service springing up in Australia that you really want to get your hands on.

Of course, you could pay for, deploy, and use this Australian cloud service over public internet connections. But you’d likely encounter two issues:

  1. Extreme latency that would impact performance and usability
  2. Data sovereignty issues that could put your compliance at risk

While data sovereignty is more likely to be an issue for those in heavily regulated industries, high latency impacts everyone. And when your cloud is hundreds of miles away, there’s no easy way to get around it.

Yes, you could install a cross connect to your Australian cloud provider. But considering the distance, that will be expensive with a capital E. You could instead soften the blow by connecting via a cloud on-ramp instead. But again, you’re reliant on it being close to your data centre to ensure you’re not still stuck with poor latency and compliance risks.

So, aside from settling for a silver-medal cloud provider closer to home, what are your options? Previously, there weren’t many. But now, we’ve got a new one for you: if your cloud data centre is too far from your premises, just bring it closer.

Virtualise Your Point of Presence

For years we’ve offered our Megaport service: a software-defined solution that helps you connect to all kinds of cloud providers, even those that don’t have a data centre in the country you operate in.

But at some point, you still needed to be near a Megaport data centre to reap the benefits. That’s changed.

Megaport Cloud Router offers localised routing, helping you establish a virtual point of presence for your cloud services. That means you can access any cloud service from anywhere in the world, regardless of how far you are from a cloud on-ramp. And you can do this virtually, without the need for cross connects or to deploy hardware in new physical locations.

Not only does this help you access cloud servers from new regions, it also means you can seamlessly move workloads to or between cloud environments in different territories.  Localised routing and virtual points of presence are just some of the many features Megaport Cloud Router offers.

Let’s Get Closer

We invite you to learn more about us and to learn more about MCR, and how it can help you take a more flexible approach to networking and connectivity.