To commit, or not to commit?

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To commit or not to commit, that is the question.

Over the last few months we have had an unprecedented number of new enterprise customers join our fabric. One of the interesting trends we’ve seen is that more customers are asking us for a longer term commitment on their Megaport. But for what gain? We’ve always allowed our customers the option to commit to terms on their Megaport but haven’t ever pushed for it, nor have we incentivised that because we truly believe in our agile business model.

But now we’ve decided that it’s good to reward those who want to commit their business to our service for a period of time.

So as a thank you to our customers we’ve decided to implement automated term-based discounts in the Megaport portal. Now any customer ordering a new Megaport service with a term longer than 1 month will see automatic discounts applied to their port price. We value giving our customers the right to choose what works best for their business and now that includes additional flexibility in how they select their port pricing.

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