Megaport Success Stories: Tracy Fletcher

Megaport Success Stories: Tracy Fletcher

  • September 8, 2021

Our Sales Operations Manager for APAC shares her tips for being a kind, passionate, and (almost) fearless leader.

Meet Tracy, based at Megaport HQ in Brisbane, Australia. Affectionately known by her fellow Megaporters as Mumma T, Tracy has a talent for bringing everyone together and inspiring her team to achieve their goals with a smile on her face the whole way. In 2020, she was even the joint winner of Megaport’s inaugural Cian Mateship Award, in honor of our late colleague and friend Cian English.

Tracy shared what she has learned about herself since joining Megaport and how having a positive outlook has been the biggest key to her and her team’s success.

MP1: Give us a quick overview of your role.

Tracy: I’m the Sales Operations Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. This means I work closely with APAC Sales leadership to assist the team with many aspects of the end-to-end selling process, as well as reporting on our results. I wear quite a few hats on a daily basis, but in short, they know me best as the “keeper of pipelines”.

I’ve been in the same role since joining Megaport just over three years ago, however as our team has grown, so has my responsibility. But with the support of management and the team around me, I’ve been able to really make the role my own.

MP1: If you had one word to describe Megaport, what would it be?

Tracy: Supportive.

MP1: What do you love most about your role and working at Megaport?

Tracy: I love that my role allows me to encourage others to succeed by not only celebrating the wins, but also by keeping up the positivity during the tough times.

MP1: And what challenges you the most in your role?

Tracy: Being from a non-technical background can be a challenge for me, however the team around me is always happy to share their knowledge and this makes it a little less daunting.

MP1: How have you grown and developed working at Megaport?

Tracy: The area where I’ve grown the most while at Megaport is my confidence! I also believe that we can always learn more, so I’m constantly looking at skills I can build on and improve.

MP1: Since joining Megaport, what have you been the most proud to work on?

Tracy: I have a passion for mental health and Diversity & Inclusion. I recently completed a Mental Health First Aid course and am part of the MP1 Change Makers (Diversity & Inclusion Committee). I joined the MP1 Change Makers committee on its inception earlier this year.

I’m so proud to work for a company that values Diversity & Inclusion within the workplace. This group not only helps Megaport rise to the top of its game, it also helps me develop personally while being able to assist others.

My personal circumstances have driven this passion, and it’s incredible to work for a company that encourages and supports initiatives like this.

MP1: How has the nature of your work changed during your time here, and how have you managed that?

Tracy: The APAC team has grown significantly since I first joined Megaport. This means that I’ve had to get better at time management and prioritizing an ever-growing workload to continue leading our team successfully.

MP1: What does innovation mean to you and how have you been innovative at Megaport?

Tracy: Innovation to me means constantly improving and expanding your horizons. 

I’ve been innovative at Megaport by being a part of improving processes within the APAC sales team, removing barriers in the sales cycle, and increasing team results.

MP1: What piece of wisdom has helped you succeed most in your role?

Tracy: “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar.” In my role, I often have to make requests with very short turnaround times. I can approach this in one of two ways; I choose to take the “honey” approach.

MP1:  And what do you think success means at Megaport?

Tracy: Working together as one team equals Megaport success. It’s all about teamwork!

MP1: What has been a career highlight for you at Megaport?

Tracy: My Megaport career highlight has been jointly winning the very first Cian Mateship Award with the amazing Laura Maskrey . I’ve never been one for awards or public recognition, but this meant more than I could ever express in words. I will always be humbled and extremely honored. #belikecian

MP1: What are you most excited about regarding your future here?

Tracy: From little things, big things grow! I have seen the company double in my time; it will be incredible to look back in five years and say “look what we achieved together!”

MP1: What advice do you have for a new team member?

Tracy: To be a Megaporter, you need to be adaptable, courageous, and have a positive outlook. Get ready for the ride of your life with some amazing people and a company that truly cares about you.

Interested in a career at Megaport? Take a look at our open roles here .


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