Megaport Success Stories: Evan Luza

Megaport Success Stories: Evan Luza

  • March 30, 2021

Our Senior Brand Designer Evan Luza talked to us about pixels, Irish lawyers, and why it’s okay to be confused.

As Megaport’s Senior Brand Designer, Evan helps evolve the company’s design language and visual vocabulary and, as he puts it, “steer the ship through the waters of pixel land”.

Based in Chicago, US, Evan joined Megaport in May 2020 in the midst of COVID-19. The way he has remotely settled into Megaport life since then has been inspiring. In less than a year, he has supported a design rebrand, smashed out some serious design goals, and taken our visual story to a new level—all while juggling his night hustle of being a (really good) Soundcloud rapper. We spoke to him about his achievements and challenges, and got his advice on how to thrive at Megaport no matter what role you’re in.

Megaport Success Stories_Evan

MP1: Give us a brief overview of your experience at Megaport.

Evan: Unicorns, butterflies, Australian accents—it’s been a blast! It has been exciting to collaborate with people across the globe and across multiple industries.

MP1: If you had one word to describe Megaport, what would it be?

Evan: Captivating.

MP1: What do you love about your role?

Evan: There’s an acronym for everything! Really though, the people are great, the work is fulfilling, and people laugh at my jokes. I mean, c’mon, what else could I ask for? Plus, working with the marketing team is great because we’re all just a bunch of goofs who are also able to get s*** done. And having another kick-butt designer I can collaborate with (Alia Bennett) makes for easier lifting.

MP1: How have you grown and developed while working at Megaport?

Evan: My desktop has gotten more filled up, that’s for sure. I’m more knowledgeable about the cloud arena, although I still feel like I know nothing when some of the hotshots are in the room! I ask a lot of questions because sometimes there’s just so much to comprehend. But who doesn’t love learning?

“The people are great, the work is fulfilling, and people laugh at my jokes”

MP1: How has your role changed during your time here?

Evan: My work ebbs and flows from higher-level, big-picture conversations on how we can evolve the brand, language, tone, and aesthetic, all the way down to pushing pixels to hand off for a last-minute thing needed yesterday. But hey, that’s the name of the game sometimes.

MP1: What project have you worked on that you’re most proud of?

Evan: Working on MVE has been exciting, but I take great pleasure and pride in having the opportunity to elevate the look of our brand. From refreshing our service icons to social graphics, information diagrams, decks, and documents, it’s all exciting because I’m responsible for making things that captivate the eyes!

MP1: What challenges you the most about working at Megaport?

Evan: The time difference can be a pain in the buns sometimes, but that also allows us to be in a state of constant “hand off, kick butt” mode.

MP1: What has been your biggest learning experience at Megaport?

Evan: The whole ride has been a bit of a learning experience, so it’s tough to say!

MP1: What has been the most insightful piece of feedback you’ve received while working here?

Evan: “Evan, you are perfect in every way, shape, and form, and you are a shining example of someone we all aspire to be, and also, you are hilarious” – the marketing team. Yeah, I remember it verbatim.

MP1: What has been a career highlight for you at Megaport?

Evan: Telling Vinny (CEO) a joke I made up about an Irish lawyer, and actually making him laugh.

MP1: When it comes to your future at Megaport, what are you most excited about?

Evan: Continuing to shape and define the brand alongside some very talented minds and people.

MP1: What attitudes or behaviours do you think someone needs to be successful at Megaport?

Evan: Communication is key, as with most things in life, Also, being inquisitive, and not taking things too seriously, but seriously enough.

MP1: What do you like about your colleagues at Megaport?

Evan: I feel like we’re all on the same page for the most part. Everyone is a team player and we know how to make lemonade from lemons.

MP1: Define success at Megaport.

Evan: Getting shout-outs with emojis in Slack. ?

MP1: What advice do you have for a new team member?

Evan: Ask all the questions, allow yourself to be confused, and have fun. If you got a job offer, you’re doing something right; keep it up!

Interested in a career at Megaport? Take a look at our open roles here .


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