Megaport Success Stories: Aimee McGovern

Megaport Success Stories: Aimee McGovern

  • March 30, 2021

Megaport’s Accounts Payable (AP) Team Lead, Aimee McGovern, shares how she has grown and innovated while at Megaport, and what makes the company culture unlike any other.

Accounts Payable guru Aimee’s magic skill with numbers keeps the Megaport cogs turning smoothly. Based in Brisbane, Australia, in her two years here, she has played a huge role in successfully moving the company to Microsoft Dynamics (D365), progressed from a three-month temp to the AP team leader, and learnt some great lessons along the way. We got a look at her day-to-day and what has made her Megaport journey so memorable.

MP1: What do you look after in your role?

Aimee: As AP (Accounts Payable) Team Lead, I’m responsible for bank reconciliations, employee expenses and credit card payments, assisting with invoice processing, vendor payments, and general AP troubleshooting and issue resolution.

MP1: Give us a brief overview of how your time at Megaport has been so far.

Aimee: My experience has been incredible. The team is welcoming and warm, and everyone is willing to go the extra mile and help wherever possible. There are always challenges to meet and achievements to celebrate, which makes it easier to stay motivated.

MP1: If you had one word to describe Megaport, what would it be?

Aimee: Engaging.

MP1: How have you grown and how has your role changed in your time here?

Aimee: When I first started at Megaport, I was a temp on a three-month contract, and only here to help with AR cash receipting. I soon moved into a full-time AR officer role, learning the billing and collections process and leading the AR component of our D365 project. During that time I also started supporting the AP team as it went through a transition period. After the D365 go-live in February 2020, I was offered the opportunity to lead the AP team, which is my current role.

MP1: What’s your favorite thing about working for Megaport?

Aimee: The best thing about working for Megaport is the culture. It’s such a nice environment to work in, which is rare.

MP1: And what do you love about your role?

Aimee: As AP Team lead, I love solving problems, being able to help my team achieve their goals, and helping the wider business navigate the finance processes they interact with. It feels great when we’re able to implement an improvement to better complete our tasks. I love that every day is a little bit different, and that I’m continually presented with new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

MP1: What project have you worked on that you’re most proud of, and how did it contribute to Megaport’s and your individual success?

Aimee: There are a few, but it would have to be my AR involvement in the D365 project, including integration with the customer portal. I completed all of the training and testing to move the monthly billing into D365, and the first bill run in the new system in February 2020 went off without a hitch. It was a huge achievement and probably the highlight of my Megaport career. The billing, customer statements, receipting and collections activity are all now managed through D365 by the current AR team, who have taken the system and run with it.

“Innovation to me means seeing an opportunity for improvement and taking the initiative to find a solution.”

MP1: How has Megaport helped you progress your career?

Megaport has provided me with opportunities outside of my previous experiences (I had very limited real AR experience before I started with Megaport). My team management has also enabled me to take my skills and experience and apply them in ways I haven’t previously had the opportunity to, rewarding my successes with a more challenging role.

MP1: What has been the most insightful piece of feedback you’ve received while working here? How has that helped you in your role?

Aimee: The most insightful feedback is possibly that despite how busy and under the pump you may be, always be happy to help anyone who needs it. Learning this lesson reminded me that Megaport is a team and people will always need help, which also makes it easier to ask for it myself. It also reminded me that you don’t always see what’s going on beneath the surface, and that kindness and understanding is always a good choice.

MP1: And what is the most challenging part of working at Megaport?

Aimee: The geographic and time difference between team members can be a most challenging aspect, but with a little compromise it’s usually overcome.

MP1: What do you like about your colleagues?

Aimee: There’s so much diversity of experience, you can always find a perspective you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. Also, the sense of camaraderie between the teams leads to a really cohesive and supportive environment.

MP1: What does innovation mean to you and how have you been innovative at Megaport?

Aimee: Innovation to me means seeing an opportunity for improvement and taking the initiative to find a solution. With implementing a new system and changing departments, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to so many new procedures.

MP1: What does success at Megaport mean to you?

Aimee: Being able to deliver on your tasks, which, in turn, helps Megaport deliver on the commitments we’ve made to the business, customers, and the market.

MP1: What are your Megaport must-dos?

A must-do for new Megaporters, especially non-technical people, is definitely to attend a Megaport 101 session, which is so helpful in understanding the business. I would also encourage anyone to have a look at the customer portal so you can experience what our customers do. And if you’re new to Google Suite, take the opportunity to use the G Suite training that IT has available.

MP1: What do you see as the necessary skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to be successful at Megaport?

Aimee: A positive attitude, adaptability, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic are all attributes that I see in successful Megaporters.

MP1: What are you most excited about regarding your future here?

Aimee: Continuous process improvement is not only wanted but is encouraged. The opportunity to grow and change with the business is incredibly appealing.

MP1: What advice do you have for a new team member?

Aimee: Take the time to watch or attend a Megaport 101 session, do your best to understand where the company is heading, and hold on for the ride! :D

Interested in a career at Megaport? Take a look at our open roles here .


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