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Connectivity I.T. celebrates over 2 years of Megaport connectivity! They provide leading network services like IP transit, Ethernet transport, and DDoS mitigation. They are participating on Mega-IX and are available as a service provider on the Megaport Elastic platform. Connectivity I.T.’s model is centered on the simplification of technology, and they are passionate about bringing customers to the cloud with ease. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them into the Megaport Ecosystem.

In their words:

Megaport presents an exciting time for our IP network; enabling delivery of IP transit services in a matter of hours instead of traditional telco’s weeks of lead time as well as allowing for DDoS mitigation on demand. Elastic scale-up makes planning network growth easier and less time consuming.


The elasticity that Connectivity I.T. discussed has been at the forefront of our service offering since the conception of Megaport in 2014. By helping customers shift from the traditional on-premise model to a Cloud-based model we have allowed for a system where control is back in the hands of the customer. The flexibility that we embody in all of our assets allows our customers to set the pace, thereby enabling scale-up as an on-demand service.

Connectivity I.T. is connected to the Megaport Fabric throughout Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. As a wholly Australian owned company, Connectivity I.T. have a focused perspective with regards to local businesses. They are firm supporters in the development of meaningful partnerships throughout the industry, and we are excited to be able to assist them in the alignment of those goals.

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