Spotlight: ColoAU

ColoAU has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform for peering on the Internet Exchange as well as providing direct access to their “Transit on Demand” service.

ColoAU is a telecommunications service provider specialising in Connectivity, Colocation and Infrastructure services. They have built their own global network, spanning Australia, New Zealand & the United States. ColoAU provide transit and transport solutions as well as colocation services.

ColoAU have developed a unique “transit on demand” system, allowing the instant (Within 90 seconds) delivery of transit to customers via Megaport. This is coupled with daily and monthly billing of per GB and per Mbps transit services that will allow Megaport customers to leverage a unique way to control their bandwidth spend, manage increased demand and plan for short term events. Transit can be purchased for just a day if needed!

“Megaport has allowed us to deliver on demand connectivity solutions like never before, leveraging Megaport’s revolutionary connectivity platform we can deliver solutions fast and allow for greater control & scale for the end user.” – Nic Tippelt, ColoAU

If you would like more information about ColoAU’s service, please visit:

Welcome to the Megaport Ecosystem!

Belle Lajoie

Author: Belle Lajoie

Executive Vice President, APAC

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