Cloudflare announcement

Secure, On-Demand Connectivity to Cloudflare is Now Available to Megaport Customers

Megaport and Cloudflare together extend network availability to more worldwide locations with advantages of direct connections to Cloudflare.

Megaport is pleased to announce that we are strengthening our partnership with Cloudflare by joining with them to enable direct access to Cloudflare’s global network from Megaport’s SDN. Megaport customers can rapidly on-ramp onto Cloudflare’s global network from hundreds of Megaport-enabled locations globally. This extends the previous capability for Megaport customers to access Cloudflare through Megaport’s Internet Exchanges (MegaIX & ECIX).

As part of the newly-launched Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI), Megaport is providing private network connectivity from Megaport enabled locations to the Cloudflare network edge over Megaport’s global SDN fabric. Through CNI connections, customers can securely connect their infrastructure directly to Cloudflare’s network to support Cloudflare services, including Cloudflare Access, CDN, Magic Transit, and Cloudflare Workers.

Megaport is especially pleased that this collaboration creates interconnection benefits for both Megaport and Cloudflare customers. Megaport customers can extend the security, performance, and reliability benefits of Cloudflare to their internet properties, while Cloudflare users can directly connect via Megaport and protect networks from even more locations, even if they are not in the same data centre. Because Cloudflare’s network is interconnected with Megaport’s SDN, customers can point, click, and connect to scale connections.


  • More ways to connect to Cloudflare. Megaport has more than 700 enabled data centres in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.
  • Flexibility. Megaport’s SDN gives customers more choice of where and how to integrate, including on-premises, cloud, and third-party application environments.
  • Reduced cost. Reduced hardware dependency means fewer capital expenses.
  • Speed and ease of deployment. Set up and establish a private network interconnection to Cloudflare’s network from Megaport’s SDN in minutes.
  • Unified control plane. Cloudflare’s unified control plane gives the ability to enforce the same security policies across all clouds, regardless of cloud vendor.
  • Improved security. Megaport’s SDN isolates traffic from the public internet, meeting the requirements of businesses and organizations with strict requirements for protecting information.

Learn More About What Megaport and Cloudflare Can Do for You

You can read more about this partnership in our press release or Infopaper, and in Cloudflare’s blog post on their website. Or, contact our team directly for more information.

Matt Simpson
Vice President, Cloud Product at Megaport