Accessing SAP Across Platforms is Now Faster and Easier with Megaport Cloud Router

Accessing SAP Across Platforms is Now Faster and Easier with Megaport Cloud Router

SAP and Megaport have partnered to make creating and managing SAP interconnections simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.

Millions of customers around the world depend on SAP to manage their customers, supply chains, financial resources, people, and more, making it one of the world’s biggest cloud service providers.

SAP solutions are powerful when deployed on their own, but once you integrate them with the rest of your cloud environment to improve data sharing and performance, the value they deliver becomes far greater. 

Historically, customers wanting to connect their SAP footprint to other elements of their cloud environment, such as Azure or AWS, have had to provision connections through multiple providers — a process that can be both costly and complex.

Together with the enablement  of SAP Cloud Peering, and direct interconnection to the other major cloud providers, that’s all changed.

What is SAP Cloud Peering?

SAP Cloud Peering is a service that enables SAP customers to build a direct link between their solutions and an approved selection of interconnection partners, including Megaport.

From there, SAP customers can use Megaport Cloud Router to create direct software-defined connections between their SAP environment and their wider cloud ecosystem, as shown in the diagram below.

Connecting to SAP HANA Enterprise (HEC) with Megaport
Connecting to SAP HANA Enterprise (HEC) with Megaport

Put simply, it helps SAP customers weave their SAP environment more neatly into their broader cloud ecosystem, yielding all the benefits of greater integration and direct connection between the business-critical platforms they depend on.

What Does it Mean for SAP Customers?

This is great news for a huge number of SAP customers around the world. Depending on their current connectivity configuration and the SAP solutions they use, organisations using Megaport can:

  • Reach additional clouds and services that they couldn’t use with their previous connectivity configuration 
  • Reduce latency between business-critical tools and platforms to improve performance and reliability — particularly for data-rich workflows
  • Improve data and traffic security by using direct, software-defined connections between critical parts of their cloud ecosystem, rather than via the unprotected public internet 
  • Reduce deployment time of new cloud services and interconnections using fast, software-defined networking without the need to invest or deploy hardware
  • Design their ideal cloud environments and build a network of interconnections tailored to their unique business and connectivity requirements
  • Cut the cost of robust connectivity by reducing the need for expensive individual cross connects

Connecting via MCR

Megaport Cloud Router (MCR)  was designed to give SAP customers greater connectivity freedom, and that freedom begins with implementation. Your MCR service can be established in 50+ routing zone locations without the need to deploy any physical hardware. The virtual routing service allows you to connect at layer 3 between SAP Peering and any other cloud provider location across Megaport’s global private interconnection fabric. Virtual connections (up to 10 Gbps) are controlled via the portal or APIs with the ability to scale bandwidth when your business requires it. No need to hairpin traffic back to your data center location. 

Becoming an SAP Cloud Peering partner is an important and logical step for Megaport. We’ve been helping customers design and build stronger, software-defined interconnection environments for many years, and this is a great opportunity to offer customers the choice to connect to their SAP environment regardless of the platform it’s hosted on. 

If you’re interested in SAP Cloud Peering, and want a partner that can help you harness this powerful opportunity to build an interconnectivity SAP environment tailored to your exact needs, we’ve got the breadth of experience and the purpose-built solutions to help.

To find out more about how to connect to your SAP via Megaport, read our SAP Infopaper, or, get in touch with us today.