Direct Connectivity to the World’s Leading CRM Services

Salesforce Express Connect is now available on the Megaport Network enabling businesses to achieve faster and more reliable access to Salesforce data and services.

Software as a Service (SaaS) powerhouse, Salesforce, has surpassed expectations with 25% revenue growth last quarter reinforcing the company as the market leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).¹ Synonymous with a seamless customer experience, it’s Salesforce’s unwavering dedication to people and businesses that has propelled its platform to this status. And now, the company maintains pole position by keeping up with evolving technology and changing customer needs. A key part of this strategy involves expanding its marketing tools, artificial intelligence applications, and e-commerce services; the resources that businesses demand to gain a competitive edge.

When businesses are consuming these types of resources across different platforms and regions, accessing and migrating data can become quite complex. Issues like data fragmentation can pose security risks and drive up costs. Where customers are beginning to merge and consolidate data sources, they look to solutions like Salesforce to boost productivity and ultimately, drive customer success. However, they need a way to shift data without bringing down existing applications, while adhering to compliance demands, and keeping data secure.

Salesforce is now available on the Megaport Network so that businesses can achieve optimised performance with their CRM workloads with dedicated, fast, and flexible connectivity. Provisioning Salesforce Express Connect (SEC) with Megaport unlocks benefits like low latency, high throughput, and improved security in comparison to connecting through the public internet. Customers now have greater control over how their data is accessed as well as increased network reliability to Salesforce.

A major driver for the integration between Megaport and Salesforce is reducing complexity for the customer. Minimising network bottlenecks, and the numerous expensive and tedious tasks typically associated with connecting, is the aim here. Data is increasingly becoming dispersed across, and beyond, an organisation’s corporate network. So, businesses with multiple database platforms, data sources, and applications – used for a broad range of activities – need an easy way to move data between them. With Megaport, customers have the ability to directly connect to and between multiple Salesforce regions from one location making it fast, secure, and, most importantly, uncomplicated to access data.

Synchronising data is not only enabled between data flows in on-premises systems but also between other IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS applications that interact with Salesforce. Our new Layer 3 connectivity service, Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), for example, allows customers to interconnect two SEC regions without the need to hairpin traffic through a physical router. MCR also enables a more streamlined way for businesses to securely pass traffic and manage workloads between various cloud environments.

With Salesforce now enabled on the Megaport Network, we’re easing the burden and complexity of networking to the world’s leading CRM platform allowing our customers to establish solutions that bring together data from various sources. SEC is currently available via Megaport in Washington DC, Silicon Valley, and Frankfurt and is accessible from 185+ Megaport enabled locations.

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