Rapidly Enable Remote Workers at Scale Using Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, organisations are increasingly looking to the cloud to solve the challenges of a remote workforce.

Enterprise IT teams are continuing to deal with the unfolding impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with the overnight surge of a remote workforce is becoming a top priority, as organisations tackle the challenge of enabling remote employees secure access to the corporate network while avoiding lengthy hardware procurement and implementation schedules.

In today’s work environments, remote employees require the same level of access to company tools and systems as they would in the office, including corporate email, productivity tools, CRM, ERP,  proprietary applications, and the public internet. Accessing these workforce applications within private and public cloud infrastructure and managing an unprecedented influx of remote users brings new challenges for many organisations.

Thankfully, businesses can rapidly deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in a public cloud, providing desktop environments for their workforce. Tech Market Research company Forrester reported The Future of VDI is Cloud, as cloud desktops can provide a better employee experience, improved scalability, and bolstered security, all while easing infrastructure management. 

Taking full advantage of these corporate network accessible remote cloud environments is best achieved by using a Network as a Service provider that can privately connect the public cloud VDI to the data centre.

There have already been some great examples of public cloud providers helping businesses scale with an increased work from home demand. You can be rest assured, Megaport makes the network connectivity easy, allowing you to focus on the best VDI solution to meet your needs.

VDI Solutions Worth Considering

Megaport’s Software Defined Network brings the cloud to your corporate network for remote users

Whichever VDI solution you choose, Megaport’s API integration with the leading cloud providers allows you to easily integrate your cloud environment with your existing data centre network infrastructure.

Using Megaport, you can quickly establish on-demand, scalable connectivity with major public cloud providers. Megaport-enabled connections provide private network connectivity from virtual networks to company data centres.

Our Software Defined Network (SDN) enables rapid connectivity and allows you to easily increase bandwidth as your cloud environment grows. The Megaport portal allows you to create an account within minutes and our CSP API integrations simplify the provisioning process – you can get connected in a matter of minutes, not days or months.

See Megaport Documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to establish private connectivity to the cloud provider of your choice. 

If you would like to talk to us about how the Megaport SDN can quickly and easily enable your remote workforce, get in touch with us here.

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