Racks Central Enabled With Elastic Cloud Connectivity

Megaport continues to expand its 140+ worldwide locations with Singapore based data-centre operator (DCO), Racks Central. This partnership provides additional opportunities for enterprises and service providers to directly and securely connect to our Cloud Service Providers for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, internet exchange for peering, and data-centre to data-centre interconnectivity.

Being a carrier-neutral facility, Racks Central grants customers the freedom to choose one or more carriers to suit their needs or preferences, or even switch telco providers without having to physically relocate their servers. This kind of choice and flexibility of preferences, perfectly suits the Megaport model in that customers will be able to connect to a network-reliable environment and join a huge ecosystem of other businesses, local and international carriers as well as networks.

“The Megaport partnership is hugely valuable to us. Customers will now be able to directly access key public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, O365 and Google Cloud from our facility. With Singapore being a regional IT hub, we continue to see solid demand for quality connectivity to cloud and network services. One of our existing customers NewMedia Express promptly acted and had their service went live nearly as we’ve gone live with Megaport. NewMedia Express is a leading Singapore Web Hosting Provider serving thousands of clients; including SMEs, government agencies, local polytechnics and internationally recognized universities / colleges. Another customer of ours, a leading healthcare provider in Asia, will also be switching on their cloud connection soon. To celebrate the launch of this partnership, Racks Central will offer free cross connection for 3 months to allow our data centre customers to try out the direct connect to various public clouds, customers can use our Tier 3 ready DC to perform proof-of-concept on their own hybrid cloud solutions with ease”

Bobby Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Racks Central

We are extremely excited to welcome Racks Central on to the Megaport network, allowing us to continue growing our company to better service more customers from around the world!

If you’d like to learn more about Racks Central and Megaport and how this partnership will add value to your company, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Tina Tsui

Author: Tina Tsui

Senior Marketing Director

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