Pioneering the Next Wave of Connectivity with Aqua Comms

In early December, Megaport customers will have a whole new way of connecting across the Atlantic Ocean. Aqua Comms, which operates the AEConnect system, a 13TB undersea cable that connects New York to Dublin and London will be accessible via the Megaport Software Defined Network. This means you will be able to link North American and European data centre locations with Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) and directly connect to leading cloud service providers across different regions.

What does this mean for enterprises?

If your infrastructure is physically located in New York City, and you wish to directly connect to the availability zone of a cloud operator in London, you don’t need to be physically located in London to make that happen. Simply configure your New York-based Megaport with a VXC to your chosen provider and, in less than 60 seconds, you have a direct connection at the level of capacity you need.

So, why Aqua Comms?

They are industry leading. Not just in the obvious sense that their cable systems are some of the newest and have significant capacity and unique routes. But it’s also that Aqua Comms is willing to embrace an approach that moves away from the traditional locked in contract way of doing business as a subsea system provider. They recognize the desire that Enterprises have to access key infrastructure to create agile cloud solutions and are pioneering the next wave of connectivity in their field.

We see great potential to further our partnership in the future. In the second phase of our partnership we will examine opportunities for additional capacity as well as terrestrial landings.

The AEConnect cable delivers one of the lowest latency crossings with its New York, UK, and Ireland transatlantic routes. The cable offers speeds of up to 100Gbps. The cable avoids major fishing grounds and shipping anchorage areas.

Aqua Comms was established to provide capacity networking solutions to content providers, cloud based networks, data centres, IT companies and the global media. And now with Megaport, Enterprises can access this critical route on a pay as you use basis.

If you would like to speak to someone at Megaport about the benefits of accessing the AEConnect system please fill out the form below.

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