Peering Partner Spotlight: Hurricane Electric

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Meet one of the largest IPv6 networks in the world

Our partners are the bread and butter for Megaport, and this week we are proud to feature Hurricane Electric, who joins hundreds of other peering members in our fabric on AS6939.

Hurricane Electric operates a global Internet backbone and is one of the largest IPv6 networks. Their reach spans North America, Europe, and Asia; and touches thousands of peered and partner networks.

With speeds up to 100G, their fiber optic network is highly diverse and resilient, making it a go-to for content providers everywhere. You can visit their website here to check out their services, network reach, and discover ways you can extend your Megaport reach with Hurricane Electric.

Recently, we added Hurricane Electric to our new peering centers in the Singapore and Hong Kong markets. These new but growing markets will be the anchors for additional reach into the Asia-Pacific region.

To inquire further about this or any other peers, please contact us at – thanks to Hurricane Electric!

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