Partnering for Next-level Interconnection Services

Selecting strategic partners is hard. Especially when you are as passionate about customer service as we are. It’s even more difficult when you are in the business of providing critical Internet and cloud interconnection infrastructure.

But, the more we looked at AMS-IX, the easier the decision became. They have been a provider of critical Internet interconnection services for over two decades and have a loyal and deeply-satisfied customer base. However, before we get into why we chose AMS-IX in particular, here’s a couple of reasons we decided to find a strategic partner in the first place:

There is fragmentation of Internet peering platforms: This has become an increasing concern in the peering ecosystem. For peering, one value of an Internet Exchange is expressed by the number of available peers on a common platform. Not every network can be in every data centre in a metro area. The same goes for Cloud, Content and other network-connected services. By working with another neutral provider, we can extend the reach of our end-points to service a wider percentage of the peering ecosystem.

There is big demand for elastic cloud connectivity. NOW: As mentioned in a previous post consumers of cloud services want their cloud connectivity on their terms and at the volume they need. An interconnection partner with well-established points of presence in key cloud markets can help accelerate our rollout of elastic interconnection services through our Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) and Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs).

So why did we pick AMS-IX?

Neutrality: Like Megaport, AMS-IX is a data centre and network neutral interconnection platform. Neutrality ensures we reach the widest range of locations and promotes a vibrant ecosystem of service providers.

Technical capabilities and compatibility: AMS-IX has a track record for scaling metro area peering services for over two decades. In fact, some time ago, they were one of the first Internet Exchanges to employ optical switching to reduce down-time for peering services. Of equal importance, technical due diligence revealed that our systems could carry each other’s services at the level of quality and with the functionality we expect to meet our common customers’ needs.

Ecosystem-building capabilities: They have the stats to back it up: over 750 networks exchanging IP traffic on their peering services.

Trust: Many of our executive team members and staff have been customers, partners, and providers to AMS-IX. Their leadership team and board of directors, who are elected within the peering community, have a proven track record for keeping their customers’ interests in mind.

So what does this all mean?

It means Megaport and AMS-IX are connecting fabrics and partnering in metros where we have common footprints. Metros like Chicago, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong are examples where AMS-IX peering services will be available across the Megaport fabric as well as the AMS-IX platform.

It means Megaport and AMS-IX will connect fabrics in metros like Amsterdam where Megaport elastic interconnection and cloud exchange services will be available on the AMS-IX platform as well as the Megaport fabric.

It means we will continue to examine new markets where we can work together and bring faster, easier ways to interconnect for peering and cloud services to satisfy next-level interconnection services.

You will no doubt see AMS-IX and Megaport partnering at industry events, getting the word out about elastic interconnection and IP peering services. PTC, NANOG, and ITW are just a few places you’ll see us collaborating. But if you have more questions about our partnership and the services we’re offering, drop a note.

We could not be more pleased to partner with AMS-IX!