Partner Spotlight: ROOT Data Center

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“The partnership between ROOT Data Center and Megaport removes the barriers to cloud adoption, providing customers with a more flexible option to leverage public cloud services in conjunction with colocation. Their legacy applications can remain in ROOT’s colocation facilities, while cloud-ready applications can seamlessly migrate to various CSPs and their specific global regions using a single cross-connect to Megaport from our Montréal data centers.”

– AJ Byers, President and CEO, ROOT Data Center


ROOT is a next-generation data center company that provides both enterprise and wholesale colocation solutions to empower the world’s computing leaders. Its modular design promises optimal agility and efficiency which enables all customers to scale their technology infrastructure and grow with confidence.

ROOT currently has 55MW of power available for customers across its two Montreal facilities (MTL-R1 and MTL-R2). Upon completion of its MTL-R1 data center campus expansion, ROOT will offer 65 MW of premium capacity to the Montréal market. For more information, visit

ROOT recently joined Megaport as a service provider in Montreal to enable their customers to access the Megaport Network and leverage all the benefits it provides, including access to public clouds. Access to Megaport’s ecosystem will be available in both of ROOT’s two data centers in Montreal (MTL-R1 and MTL-R2).

For more information about ROOT Data Center and Megaport, please fill out the form below:

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