Oracle and Megaport Team Up to Offer Rapid Provisioning for Cloud Interconnection

The cloud promises fast, flexible IT, but the initial setup can sometimes be anything but. Even if an organisation can provision cloud services quickly, it often then needs to spend time reconfiguring the network to connect on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Some providers are different though, extending the speed and simplicity of cloud right through to the initial setup. Oracle is one of them. For years, Oracle has been offering leading public cloud services, along with a range of tools to simplify deployment—and get new cloud customers up and running quickly.

Now, Oracle is helping its customers provision private interconnection for cloud services even faster, partnering with Megaport to offer its users the benefits of Software Defined Networking and elastic interconnectivity.

With a strategic partnership resulting in an industry-leading level of integration between IaaS, SaaS, and Software Defined Networking, Oracle customers can now access the Megaport Network from 150 data centres around the world. Customers can use the Megaport Portal to provision Oracle FastConnect to any supported Oracle regions in under 59 seconds.

Customers can rapidly provision new Oracle Public Cloud and Bare Metal Cloud resources with the scalable model intrinsic to Megaport. And with Oracle FastConnect, enterprise customers can provision private connectivity to their Virtual Cloud Networks and public Cloud resources, while improving performance and security with their Oracle Cloud environments. The result is a high-speed, dedicated, low latency extension that enables you to reap the benefits of a true hybrid cloud setup.

This unique partnership extends across the entire Oracle Cloud ecosystem, offering FastConnect connectivity to Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services and Oracle Public Cloud, including IaaS and PaaS services, Oracle Compute Cloud Service, Oracle Storage Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Adding Oracle to our suite of cloud service providers is a milestone for Megaport. The richer our Ecosystem is, the more value can be found by our Enterprise customers. Simply put, our continued focus is to make connectivity easy. We see the connection of Enterprise customers to more cloud and ‘as a service,’ providers to be mission critical to the success of their businesses.

In building our network we have been very careful to expand mindfully and bring on service providers that would enrich our offering. This is something that remains important to us at Megaport, so for that reason and many more, we’re happy to welcome Oracle to the family.

You can get the full details about the partnership in our press release and find more information about connecting to Oracle Cloud via Megaport here.

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