Nine Common Scenarios for Multicloud Design

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How to use Megaport and Megaport Cloud Router for multicloud designs – from simple single-region to complex resilient multi-region architectures.

When it comes to architecting cloud infrastructure to host business-critical applications, any enterprise should make sure they have measures in place to protect their organisation from experiencing an outage. A high-performance backup architecture could mean the difference between your mission-critical workloads running smoothly and major disruptions causing potential loss of data, customers, and revenue.

Some of the headaches you might experience when designing networks for hybrid and multicloud architectures include:

  • Moving data between CSPs
  • Knowing where to add resiliency
  • Knowing how much resiliency to add to meet budget

In order to solve for these potential issues, we’ll look at nine different design scenarios using Megaport and Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) that you can build. These range from a simple partially protected network to an end-to-end highly available resilient network for multicloud and hybrid cloud with an affordable price tag and with no lock-in contract.

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Implementing a high availability strategy within your organisation means you reduce the risk that service outages can pose to your business continuity, profits, and reputation. Our connectivity specialists can provide design and support to ensure your organisation never goes dark. Got questions? Reach out to us via Twitter or visit our contact page and we’d be happy to help.