New Portal Hits Jackpot @ AWS re:Invent

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Want to test drive the powerful platform that changed the way companies connect to the cloud? Here’s your chance to not only see it in action, but also experience it for free (more about that further below). We’re here at AWS re:Invent demonstrating our brand new portal. It’s a faster, streamlined, and more powerful way to instantly and directly connect to network and cloud service providers.

We’ve evolved the portal to a user interface that is far more intuitive for planning, managing, and implementing connectivity. Behind the modernized interface, we’ve incorporated a number of powerful new features. For example, our customers now have the ability to design direct interconnections, save their plans, and share them with collaborators and stakeholders before executing orders. Changing your bandwidth needs for a few hours is as simple as clicking your mouse.

To celebrate our new portal, and the launch of our new markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, and now North America, we’re offering a 6 month Megaport for free in any of our planned or existing markets (some limits apply).

If you’re at AWS re:Invent, come by stand 217 and meet the team. We’re happy to show you how we’re changing the future of interconnection. Look for us right across from AWS’s main exhibition stand.



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